Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile Armchair gets frozen in time

Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile Details

What you see here is not really frozen, but the Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile appears hard and something made with special effects. This is an experimental piece created from a biodegradable composite.

The designer has based his project on the concept of poetry. It’s used in the context of design as objects become powerful in every sense. The frozen form of the fabric serves as the seat. It offers ample support for the person, but when no one is seated, it remains frozen as if someone invisible is sitting.

Designer: Demeter Fogarasi

Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile Details

The edges of the frozen fabric appear to flow with ripples and folds. It’s really like the chair is blown by the wind as an invisible person sits down. The mold of the seat is an effect of the wind blowing. The fabric material is soft originally but turns to something rigid after a unique process.

The legs and seat support are made of tubular steel painted black. There are four slim legs, with the rear extending upward to support the backrest portion and an angled profile. The chair lets you comfortably rest your arms on both sides.

Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile Armchair

Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile Designer

The armchair is more like a lounge chair because of its size—measuring 90 x 110 x 80 cm. The materials are metal and Biocomposite, which is the hardened fabric. The original design features a brown fabric that is often used for couches and other chairs.

The Frozen Textile was designed in 2015, but its style is something we can still appreciate today. I can totally see this in a hotel room or lounge in different colors. Several Frozen Textile armchairs displayed somewhere can offer a comfortable and refreshing feeling because they appear as if there’s blowing wind.

Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile Lounge Chair

The chair can be the best seat for someone who just wants to relax while reading a book, sipping a coffee, or just staring over the balcony as you appreciate the view and the surroundings. It offers a modern contemporary design with a combination of steel and textile. It also delivers a certain calmness as it becomes a place for you to relax.

The Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile appears it’s something frozen in time. The Biocomposite material comprises several layers of textile and plastic that are heat-pressed. When it cools, the chair becomes firm and ready for whatever duty.

The armchair can compete with other beautifully-designed chairs we’ve featured here, like the Felipe Pantone x Poltrona Frau Archibald Chair. The Ru Modern Lounge Chair can bring you back to your childhood. Of course, that wooden throne from a recycled pallet looks just as imperial.

Poetic Furniture Frozen Textile Chair