See, Cardboard is Cool

The limited edition Prejudice furniture collection features a nested seat and footrest combination that is as functionally versatile as it is eco-friendly. Made of 100% recycled cardboard and produced through a sustainable production process, the series is a creative way of raising awareness of the importance of sustainable growth and recycling while also smashing the stigmas associated with cardboard.

Designer: Sanserif


  • Jimmy C says:

    Love it! Would hate to spill on it though.

  • Bart says:

    Something nice about the chairs pictured on pedestals, as if in a home theater setting, is that air conditioning could be blown through the wavy baffles in the cardboard, cooling or heating those seated. This could also be achieved naturally by properly orienting the cardboard to allow for natural convection, without effecting the structural stability of the chair, of course. For those worried about spilling on the cardboard, the paper could either be treated with a water repellent such as a wax or other natural water resistant coating, or a simple cover could be made of water resistant fabric, although this would detract from the natural aesthetics of the chair.

  • kemal says:

    it was designed by volvo. i mean very similar design. google it as ”volvo chair” you’ll see.

  • Hunter says:

    The “Prejudice Chair”? It’s a great design, but change the name. I shouldn’t have to explain why.

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