Move over, Iron Throne! This wooden throne is made from recycled pallets, but looks just as imperial!

Clearly, this chair wasn’t designed for your average living room! Titled the ‘Pallet Thief’, this wooden throne was created by Anton Brunberg in response to a question he once had – “How to still celebrate the pure joy of making and craftsmanship without having to use up the planet’s precious raw materials?”

Just by Anton’s calculations, there are roughly six billion pallets in circulation worldwide, most of which are made of wood. Each year, one percent of those pallets (approx 60,000) reach the end of their lifespan or are lost. By tapping into this industrial global supply, Anton discovered a way of turning unusable waste from one industry into raw material for another industry. The ‘Pallet Thief’ is certainly no ordinary piece of furniture, but then again, it’s a vision and a proof of concept for Anton, who aimed at showing the potential this recycled pallet wood has in the furniture-design world. It comes with hundreds of pallet planks joint together before the seat is carved out of the central mass. Further sanding creates a seating surface that’s perfectly smooth and comfortable to sit in, while it also showcases the planks and wood-grain as if it were a design feature. For that extra bit of flair, the wooden planks are left untouched around the edge, giving the chair the appearance of a sea-urchin sculpted out of wood… or a ‘wooden’ Iron Throne, if you’re looking for a more poetic comparison!

Designer: Anton Brunberg