Pet and human-friendly multifunctional furniture designs to give you the best of both worlds!

Calling all pet owners/ lovers! Does your heart skip a beat every time you see a pet-friendly piece of furniture as you scroll through your Instagram feed? Are you almost tempted to buy it, only for seeds of doubt to be sowed into your mind a moment later?  Do you begin to wonder will your pet even adjust to it? Will they even come around to using it? What if their initial fascination fades, only for it to rot away in a corner of the house, busy gathering dust? Well, Istanbul based PET-TURE came up with “the idea of creating pet-friendly design products with an architectural design approach.” Instead of creating conventional pet houses, they’ve designed a unique collection of pet furniture that can be used in multiple ways. This ensures comfortable and aesthetic living spaces for your furry friends, but also functional pieces of furniture that you could use as well, so if ever your pet does decide to reject it, there’s still plenty more for you to do with it. Not to mention all their products have been crafted out of warm natural walnut wood with extreme care and precision to pamper your furry buddies.

Designers: Irmak Sekucoglu & Ece Bac of PET-TURE 

‘Cubic’ is another one of PET-TURE’s side table inspired pet-friendly pieces. It is a contemporary home for your pet, with the entrance modeled after the shape of a kitten’s face! But, it also doubles as a coffee table, serving as another neat spot for all your knick-knacks.

‘Corner’ also provides a comfortable space for your pet to laze around in. After an intense play session, they may need their own privacy and the closeted-like feel of Corner gives them just that! Shaped like a side table, the upper section does indeed function like one, allowing you to place your glasses, books, coasters and any other tidbits you may want to add to your living space.

One of my favorite pieces in their collection is ‘Grid’. Grid functions as a comfy resting spot for your pet. With a cozy lounging spot at the bottom and a slanted roof on top, it manages to provide a very homely feel, a safe haven of sorts for your furry friend. The gridded structure at the entrance allows your pet to slither in and out, allowing them to have their own little adventure! On the other hand, the roof also functions as a magazine stand. You can place your magazines on the roof, where they will be supported by an almost inconspicuous shelf.

Last but not least would be their piece ‘Case’. Case comes in two sizes; one for your smaller animal companions, and the other the Case XL for your larger furry friends. Case functions as a portable bed, equipped with wheels at the bottom, it can be easily put away into storage when not in use.

That is another bonus feature that can be found in all PET-TURE products; 4 brake wheels. These wheels allow you to move the products to any spot in your home according to your convenience. Accompanied by an adjustable stopper, you can also immobilize them when needed. PET-TURE believes in their motto of “animal-friendly design” and they have indeed translated that into their products with furniture that is not only friendly to our pets but also to our homes and us!