Summit is modular furniture for various office purposes

Now that a lot of companies are going back to work at the office, people have to adjust to being with other people in real life again. Some things that were previously simple, like meetings and even socializing, have to be re-learned after two years of working from home. Expect a lot of team-building and other activities that will teach us to be with other people again. It looks like even furniture can help us adjust back to life at the office.

Designer: Snøhetta

Summit is modular furniture that is designed using a geometric building block system that lets you turn it into a piece of furniture that would fit your needs. It is made up of five modules that can be assembled and re-assembled into various levels, curves, and directions, either in small or bigger installations. So whether you need furniture for a lecture, a meeting, or an office break where you can chat with your colleagues, this furniture can turn into what you need.

The furniture is cushioned and comfortable enough, whatever you arrange it to be. The design can resemble those social amphitheaters that we see in open parks or even the Spanish Steps in Rome. You can also turn it into an “indoor mountain range” if you need something that is leveled. Summit lets you create an interior landscape that you can explore in your workspace without needing to bring in other pieces of furniture.

The renders show that there are outlets in some parts of the modular furniture in case you need to charge devices while chatting with colleagues. It comes in different, comfortable-looking colors as well, like red, green, blue, and gray. Despite it being modular, Summit is a minimalistic piece of furniture, from the upholstery to the stitching to the cushioning. I wouldn’t mind coming in to work and lounging on it during our break times.