This modern lounge chair is a rattan-based derivation of the iconic Eames chair!

Inspired by the chairs of their childhood, Cuong Nguyen designed RU, a rattan cushioned lounge chair that weaves together nostalgic and modern elements to bring us back to the simple times of our own childhood all in the comfort of our living rooms today.

Remember the chair from childhood that everyone called dibs on? Whether it was the honey walnut wood rocking chair or the unmatched leather power recliner, the chairs from our childhood will forever bring on a feeling of comfort. What I’d give to sink back into my childhood family room’s chenille tweed corner sofa with a can of soda in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Industrial designer Cuong Nguyen took to the interior design of their own childhood for inspiration in visualizing RU, a rattan cushioned lounge chair that finds modern comfort in its nostalgic design.

Described by Nguyen as, “A bit of embracing crib, a bit of the curve of dragonfly wings, interpreted by rattan,” the arms and lower back of RU feature webbed rattan weaving to support the cushion’s taut upholstery fabric. Muted in freckled amber orange, RU is paired with an ottoman that can either tuck beneath the chair’s cushion, work as a footrest, or become an additional seat.

Both the lounge chair and ottoman are propped atop a cushioned base to embrace the comfort that RU was designed to provide. Named after the Vietnamese word for ‘lullaby,’ Nguyen conceptualized RU to be made up of materials from their childhood, namely rattan and what appears to be a tightly woven linen fabric.

While the wide size and the gradual slope of RU’s backrest hearken back to the 1990s when lounge chairs were all the rage and designed to swaddle you whole, Nguyen incorporated modern elements like slim, yet plush cushions and uniform upholstery to bring RU into the 21st century. All of these design features enhance RU’s comfort, but the rattan touches are the sure showstopper.

Noting his inspiration behind choosing rattan as a building material, Nguyen describes, “To me, lines and materials should be the storytellers in product design. Therefore, when you lie down on this chair, I hope that sweet childhood memories will come back to you and lull your mind to peace.”

Designer: Cuong Nguyen

Rattan armrests and backing support RU’s slim upholstered cushion.

The gradual slope of RU’s backrest provides plenty of space for lounging, a nice ’90s touch. 

While the rattan armrest and expansive backrest are design elements rooted in the ’90s, the slim cushion and uniform upholstery bring the RU lounge chair into the modern era.