Grovemade gives the classic mouse pad a well-deserved update

Now you can have an elegant mouse pad that will age gracefully with you and might even have a place for your favorite pen as well.

Not every computer user needs a mouse pad, especially those that have grown used to even less ergonomic touchpads. Those that do need a mouse pad, sometimes because their mouse won’t work on glossy surfaces, are often at a loss looking for the perfect mouse pad that will last them for years rather than months. Even worse, the choices for mouse pads that will match whatever minimalist design you have going on your desk are even slimmer. Fortunately, there are some boutiques that make it their mission to create exactly those kinds of desk and computer accessories, and this newest leather-toting mouse pad is the latest to come our way, offering a mouse pad that will probably age better than the mouse you’ll be using it with.

Designer: Grovemade

This leather mouse pad is actually a redesign of the brand’s earlier design, a much-needed and overdue update considering how the rest of its desk collection already got their facelift by now. The designers were particularly concerned that the 2014 mouse pad didn’t stand the test of time and the elements, a major disappointment for something like leather that’s supposed to last for ages. Fortunately, the studio now knows better and is now able to make use of a material that they didn’t consider years ago.

Aluminum had properties that made it favorable as a part of the mouse pad, particularly because of its ability to maintain its form despite weather changes and years of use. It turns out that some people actually look for glass or metal mouse pads, so rigidity wouldn’t be a problem. Despite that hard metal chassis, Grovemade’s mouse pad still looked and felt soft, thanks to the cork foot at the bottom and the vegetable-tanned leather on top.

Another major part of the redesign can be in the pen tray, an optional but popular feature of these leather mouse pads. The designers went through various iterations of ideas in order to better match the “floating” theme of the rest of the redesigned desk collection, leaving behind the “hump” of the 2014 original. The best answer turned out to be the simplest, using a gentle slope elevating the pen wooden pen tray, with the nook sitting flush against its leather surroundings. The mouse pad’s edges overshoot the tray and the cork foot just by a bit, further giving it that floating illusion.

The end result is a mouse pad that is both simple and handsome, making it a proud addition to any minimalist workspace. The genuine leather will, of course, develop scuffs and patina over time, which is actually a much sought-after trait. Along with slight variations in color and wood grain, this makes each Grovemade leather mouse pad unique and special. And thanks to that aluminum interior, it’s going to last a lot longer, too.