Man Stuff

There seems to be a few Swiss designers (these guys: Valentin Engler, Marius Morger, Daniel Grolimund) that believe that single men are pretty much too focused on gettin’ some that they need their very own specially designed products. Items like an ironing table that doubles as a coffee table, a “Trophy ring” that you can chisel your lady score count on (women will totally get hot to see that on your finger), a “Lady kit” that includes all the requisite “walk of shame” products like a toothbrush, facial creme and make-up remover, and other such nonsense. Anyway, take a look at all the ways we men are so stupid we need these items. Gosh I feel so pandered to and cheap. I need a shower.

Designer: Valentin Engler, Marius Morger & Daniel Grolimund [ Via: SwissMiss ]

Eating alone makes the single man feel lonely. That‘s why he eats in front of the TV. Additional handles, raised rims and isolating materials approve to eat frozen pizza or noodle-soups in various sitting positions on the sofa – without making stains.

The few shirts a single man has, are ironed in front of the Television. The coffee table hides the ironing board, as well as the electric iron and even a cup-holder for the single man‘s beer.

Checking e-mails and preparing the candlelight-dinner for the evening – both on one single table. When the guest finally visits, the derangement on the working place is cleaned simply by sliding one table top over the other.

No more crumbs in your keyboard thanks to our keyboard-napkin!

A pet is ideal against the single man‘s loneliness. But a hard working single man can‘t take the responsibility. Our birdhouse is glued on the outside a window, so the single man can watch his birds grow up from the inside!

When the woman of the single man‘s dreams visits spontaneously, all her needs are fulfilled with the women-kit. It contains hair conditioner, facial creme, a toothbrush and a pad to remove the makeup.

A silver-coated gold ring allows the single living man to mark his trophies, just like the gunslingers did on their colts.

E-business concept for customized shirts, wash- and iron service. Pick-up and delivery dates can be easily coordinated on the computer.