This multifunctional desk lamp doubles as book holder + magnetic clip-up board

How about sporting a cool desk lamp that performs double duty as a book/document holder and a magnetic pin-up board to keep all your important reminders within your peripheral view?

Organized desk is one thing all the professionals glued to their PCs will take with both hands. A practical accessory that minimizes the clutter in the most aesthetically pleasing way. Well, that sounds like a winning product in the making. The Holder Desk Lamp by Daejeon Ro is an accessory that caught my eye, and instantly appealed with its unique design.

Designer: Daejeon Ro

As I explored more renders of this design it started to grow on me – thanks to its useful functionality, sans any complicated design blueprints that seem infeasible to craft in real life. The idea of this desk lamp is to extend the usability of the good old desk lamp just beyond beaming soft light onto the desk’s work area. That’s because, you won’t be using the desk light at all times, and to make better use of the accessory, a book holder and a rotating magnetic pin-up board are incorporated into the product.

We all know, desk space is a luxury, and what you sport in this space is vital in a way to either enhance your productivity or make you feel anxious. The Holder Desk Lamp is one from the former camp with its mindful design. Compared to other desk lamps which take up space when not lighted up, this multi-purpose lighting accessory holds all your books, journals, and important files in an organized manner. The inside lining of the book holder section has a dotted texture to keep all the important stuff in place.

So, what more can you ask for in this design? Well, incorporating a wireless charger on the base could be another smart addition to enhance the multifunctional aspect. Another thing that could be toggled a bit is the positioning of the pin-up board which could be shifted to the side to avoid any obstruction of light falling on the workable area.