The Eleven Desk can be a creative professional’s new work-from-home setup

Eleven Desk Details

Eleven isn’t just a number or that fictional character from a TV series. Eleven can soon be known as a special desk designed to make working from home more fun and productive.

Work desks are a dime a dozen, but there won’t be an end to searching for the best one. Remote work and schooling are still recommended simply because the pandemic isn’t over yet. Many companies and schools have seen the convenience online work and school offer. The challenge is really having the best work-from-home setup.

Design: Alberto Monteón

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Eleven Desk Creation

The Eleven Desk designed by Alberto Monteón can be a godsend. The industrial designer has considered his experience and needs as a creative professional. The desk is ideal for those who have a lot of stuff and needs some organizing to help them finish tasks on time.

The desk looks sturdy with the table top’s thickness and the legs. It has enough areas for everything you need for work. The table surface can accommodate your laptop, keyboard, monitor, and mouse. In addition, there is ample area for your books, documents, pens, and a mug. Underneath, there are hooks where you can hang your bag and headphones, plus another level for more stuff.

The table is made of maple wood and carbon steel plus sustainable finishes. The table is buildable, which means you can quickly assemble this thing. It’s also portable so it’s easy to move to a different location.

The silhouette of the work desk is simple. This is a potential winner because it’s compact yet has enough space for all the essential stuff. Out of the box, only a few parts are included, including the bolts and screws. There are planks included for additional support that you need to attach to a pair of legs.

Eleven Desk Design

Eleven Desk Prototype

On his Instagram, Alberto Monteón shared the Eleven as his workspace, where he spends most of his time. His desk has improved over a couple of years, and he’s now sharing how it looks. He’s a designer, so he recognizes the needs of most creative professionals. From an ordinary foldable plastic table, the designer switched to a wooden version that he created.

Eleven Desk Design Concept

The Eleven Desk is still a prototype, but we can see its potential. For example, the parts can be placed in a flat pack for easier transport. Hopefully, a manufacturer will see this design and be willing to help produce and sell the designer’s idea.

Eleven Desk Design Details

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Eleven Desk Concept Design

Eleven Desk Design Concept

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