JoyCon-shaped TV cabinets attach to the sides of your television, turning it into a massive Nintendo Switch!

Sure, you can cast your Nintendo Switch onto a TV, but can you turn your TV into a Nintendo Switch??

Rather succinctly named the Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets, these little storage units attach to the sides of your TV, turning it into a massive wall-mounted Nintendo Switch replica. Designed and built by WishIWoodWorkshop, the cabinets come built-to-order, designed to match your TV’s size. They’re made from a combination of wood, plywood, and MDF, and get finished with a coat of paint to make them look exactly like the JoyCons, complete with the joystick and buttons!

Designer: WishIWoodWorkshop

The cabinets come in two styles – with a hinged door on the front (shown above), and with drawers and shelves (shown below). You provide your choice of style (along with your TV’s dimensions) while placing an order. The Nintendo Switch TV Cabinets don’t come cheap, though. Clearly more of a vanity purchase than a practical piece of furniture, each pair of cabinets can set you back $750 plus shipping.