You know what’s quicker than telling Alexa to order you herbs? Growing them!

As easy as it is to tell Alexa to order you a bag of parsley, it’s even easier to walk up to your kitchen-garden and pluck a few parsley leaves yourself. Altifarm’s new product Herbstation is on a mission is to give you the convenience of fresh produce right in your home! This decorative, autonomous-watering home farm can be placed anywhere in your house. Its intuitive system design allows the plant to grow without you getting yourself tied-in, and gives you the satisfaction of having the freshest produce available to you, right in your home!

Herbstation comes with a patent-pending self-watering system and a two-part grow tub design, crafted out of high-density polyethylene, with a form that’s inspired by the symmetry of pottery and with textures of ceramic and wood. Designed to work all year round, Herbstation grows your plants for you, using a specially calibrated set of LEDs to even mimic sunlight in low-light areas, giving your plant everything it needs. Just fill water into its reservoir and its system does the rest letting the Herbstation sustain the plant while elevating your decor with an understated elegance.

Herbstation joins the ranks of a growing movement to farm as much of your produce as you can. Given that as much as 50% of your greens’ nutrition gets lost from the time it is harvested to the time it takes to reach your plate, and that you never really know where your fruits and vegetables are actually coming from, Herbstation’s solution is simple as it is effective. Grow your own herbs and veggies, and they’ll literally be the freshest they can be! The self-watering grow kit is perfect for micro-greens, herbs, sprouts, garnish-greens, and even heirloom fruits and vegetables. The versatile Herbstation can be ordered as a standalone counter top unit or as a floor-standing triple kit, or a wall-mounting double. A clear window lets you know how much water is in Herbstation’s reservoir, and you can keep replenishing it every couple of days, while the magnetic LED grow lights can be raised or lowered to manage its intensity.

Ultimately, the Herbstation is accommodating to your needs. From fruits, veggies, herbs, to even flowers, the Herbstation can autonomously grow them all. The planter itself is designed to work with soil as you always did or soil-less hydroponically with peat, and even with seed pods, transforming your indoor or even outdoor space into a greenhouse that is capable of self-sustenance… as well as easy to access from the kitchen every time you need some absolutely fresh veggies or herbs for your delicious meals!

Designers: Arun Raj & Karanvir Pathania

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Herbstation: The Easiest Way to Grow at Home

A compact & beautiful home farm that elevates your decor & grows fresh produce year-round, using garden soil or soil-less hydroponics. Grow herbs at home effortlessly, with no subscription or recurring costs involved.

Cost of seeds: $3. Output Weight: 10.5 oz. Output Market Price: $30.

Most new grow systems are either a token effort or are very demanding from the user. Others are subscription-based or expensive to run. Herbstation is here to change that and help you grow like a pro.

Grows fresh herbs, veggies and microgreens all year round. Herbstation is easy to use and harvesting fresh produce is super fun!

How it Works

With their patent-pending self-watering system, all you need to do is just top up the water level every weekend or so. It stores water for 7-10 days and provides for on-demand watering, using capillary action and gravity. With root aeration, your plants will grow quicker and healthier. Also, our LED grow lights gives 100% autonomy from sunlight.

No pump/motor/power connection for water circulation and no clogging/sedimentation. No pH or conductivity check and no fungus/algae or damp corners at home.

Automatic on-demand watering, also helps with root oxygenation for healthier plants.

Below: Herbstation Features

Complete autonomy from sunlight. From seeds to harvest, all under grow lights.

1) Magnetic LED Grow Lights:

– 3W High-power, energy efficient OSRAM chip LEDs with custom secondary optics.
– Full spectrum White + Far Red + Deep Blue wavelengths.
– Magnetic Mounting, first time in the industry.
– Daisy Chain wiring kit + IP65 rated water-proof driver/ power supply.

By providing plants exactly the wavelengths that are required for various growth stages, we boost their growth while reducing power consumption and eliminate wasted heat energy.

Fill it, shut it, forget it – for a week or more!

2) In-built Self Watering Tech:

– Stores water for 7-10 days and waters on demand, automatically.
– Works with gravity/ capillary action. No electricity, water connection, or pump involved.
– No under watering or over watering, no guesswork.
– Better root oxygenation for healthier plant growth.

With so many plants to choose from, you have several possibilities to go with.

3) Push Button Height Adjustment:

– One touch height adjustment with auto-locking.
– Multiple heights and positions to choose from to suit a wide range of plants.
– Ergonomic positioning and gives plants easy access to grow lights.

Always take the weather with you!

4) Greenhouse for Winters:

– Protects plants from extreme climate; regulates temperature, humidity and CO2.
– Roll-up doors with zipper and velcro closure.
– Limited protection from pets, children and certain pests.

It’s so easy, everyone will like to move it, move it!

5) Mobile Pack for Relocation:

– Neat design with discrete spherical wheels.
– Includes position locking and height-leveling mechanisms.

Herbstation Countertop is compact & light and fits anywhere.

Below: Three Ways To Grow

1. Soil-based: Grow like you always did – use soil from the yard or buy from a store and use seeds , seedlings or plant cuttings. You may fortify it with manure, fertilizer or compost. Inbuilt self-watering system will water from below the soil using capillary action, and you need not worry about watering for 7-10 days.

2. Soil-less: Grow like an expert – use a sterile medium like coco-peat or rock-wool and mix hydroponic nutrients in water, for unbelievably quick plant growth. You need to check all parameters of water and nutrients thoroughly. Watering is through self-watering system as above, no pumps or circulation involved.

3. Seed Pod: Grow for fun – get growing with the least effort, using Seed-pods with pre-infused nutrients, from certain manufacturers. All you need to do is to drop the pod (which comes with seeds) into the self-watering cones in the Herbstation and add water.

Three Variants to Choose From

If growing edibles is not your thing, you may grow garden plants on Herbstation- ornamental and florals, exotics and medicinal varieties, succulents or #plantsofinstagram. Whatever you may choose, our ingenious Self-watering and LED grow lights would let your plants thrive.

What Can You Grow?

Grow microgreens, salads, herbs to certain varieties of root vegetables like carrots and beetroot. Even growing tall plants is possible as tub heights are easily adjustable. Only limitations might be those with very deep roots.

The Magic of Microgreens

Microgreens are the most sought-after super foods now. Studies show that microgreens pack 40 times the nutrients than a full-grown plant. They are easy to digest, offer an intense flavor and rich nutrition, and are versatile to use.

Spun-off from a product design studio, design and innovation is at the heart of everything the design teams do.

Product Development Journey

Herbstation is a distillation of everything we have learned with interaction with Altifarmers in 5 continents, while Altifarm itself came to life in 4 years. We have obsessed over every little detail and fine-tuned every function to make Herbstation a complete indoor gardening solution. Barring LED chips and driver, every single item in the box is custom manufactured to our specifications. This includes special polymer blends and coatings; even the PVC/PE film for the greenhouse is made to order and then tailored by our supplier.

1) Ideation 2)CAD Modelling 3) Machined Prototype 4) 3D Printed Prototype 5) Growlight Development 6) Pilot Production through RTV molding

Working prototype.

In detail.

Tubs are identical across variants

Why Herbstation

Do you know that the loss of nutritive value of certain food items is more than 50% from farm to fork? Or that food travels for over 1500 miles on an average and has a significant carbon footprint? Also that the crop varieties in commercial farming are prioritized for shelf life and not for nutrition, while we miss out on local, organic and heirloom varieties of plant varieties.

Homegrown produce is rich in nutrients, especially in phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A and folates. There’s only the joy, pride and delightful consumption with no chemicals, pesticides or GMO to worry about. Besides it’s a great way to engage the whole family- particularly children, in an enjoyable hobby, while connecting with nature.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $399 ($150 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!