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With all the energy you expend while jumping rope, imagine using some to power a handy torchlight fitted within the skipping rope handles. Torchlight in any form is a good idea, but the cool quotient in this Jump Light comes from the fact that you won’t need any batteries to power the bulb. It simply runs by converting the kinetic energy from your jumps to electric energy. Now if that isn’t motivational enough for you to skip just a bit more!

Designers: Hyun Joo Lee & Eu Tteum Lee



Jumping Light Skipping Rope With Torchlight by Hyun Joo Lee & Eu Tteum Lee





  • brack says:

    Descent idea, I say…why not?

    • reality says:

      its another pointless gimmick design using plastics desitined for landfill.

  • mif991 says:

    Good idea if it costs under $25 bucks. I thought the rope was going to be lit though, then I would buy it for my daughter.

    • Xlaits says:

      He could do it, with EL wire. Unfortunately, that stuff is prone to the internals breaking,a s it's only copper.

    • Xlaits says:

      He could do it, with EL wire. Unfortunately, that stuff is prone to the internals breaking,a s it's only copper.

  • 精辟 says:


    I like it!

  • YoYo says:

    Cute design I must say.

  • brian t says:

    Hmmm… I dunno. I thought skipping as an exercise only works when the rope swings freely with very little friction. Extracting energy from the rope would be like adding friction to the rope, it would change the dynamics of the exercise. You expend energy in jumping, but I can’t see how this rope would capture any of that energy.

  • 精辟 says:


    I like it!

  • dan carrillo says:

    For an exercise tool I would consider it having a radio or mp3 that only works as you work out a possible solution. The music will keep you motivated and pumped into working out. As stated before, the mechanism would have to be designed so that it not drag the rope down.

  • Victor Assis says:

    It will NECESSARILY drag the rope down, for it’s extracting energy from the arm/wrist movement to swing it. The legs will be far more energetic during the exercise, but they would be ignored. Besides, what’s the point? It’s not going to generate any kind of useful energy.
    Make it a toy, use the energy to light the rope. This way you might have a viable thing. There just won’t be enough energy for anything else.

  • Christopher says:

    wow, Where can I buy it?!?!?!!

  • Raman says:

    Looks a good product. Wish to discuss commercialising this product.

    • SkyWay says:

      A bit of a hint here, check your English, provide something to contact you with and preferably give a link to, I don’t know, a website that explains who you are, where you are from and what have you done.

      This is the Internet you know.

  • ami says:

    i like it.. can i have one?

  • oc says:

    fail, they will waste more energy making this piece of crap than it will ever generate or save…

  • kyle says:

    they should just have the battery that charges and than you can plug in a usb so you can charge other gadgets with it. i like this first design and look forward to seeing how they evolve the concept. great idea!


  • tdfs says:

    just qurious, does it uses magnet?

  • Jimmy C says:

    You know what I just realized though? You now have two flashlighs separated by a large, unwieldy rope. A better idea would be to have the rope plug in to the flashlights, that way, it’s removable.

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