The Rubbish Beam and Platform can make cleanup drives fun and exciting

Hatch Duo Rubbish Beam Concept

We can’t just say now, “it’s just rubbish,” because for our children to have a better planet and a better tomorrow, we must be able to manage our trash starting today. There are plenty of related efforts and campaigns being introduced everywhere globally, and we believe more will be revealed. We can start by making sure we pick up the trash and put waste in the proper places in our own little ways. We can also begin sorting them out for possible reusing and recycling. Picking up trash isn’t exactly fun, but you can make it exciting by getting cool tools and gadgets like the Rubbish Beam.

Designer: Hatch Duo

Hatch Duo Rubbish Beam Project

The Rubbish platform and Rubbish Beam work together to help map and track litter trends. It aims to gamifying the experience so things won’t be boring. This effort also helps local waste management systems to improve efficiency and focus on what needs to be done. Data tracked and collected are analyzed to help municipalities know how to improve when it comes to waste management.

The Rubbish Beam comes with LEDs to let you know it is paired with a phone app. In addition, it comes with a D-pad that enables you to categorize litter. This categorization can help analyze data from cleanups. It’s also helpful in identifying areas and places that need attention. The handle and trigger are fully contoured for a more comfortable experience as described.

Hatch Duo Rubbish Beam Details

This Rubbish Beam will make cleanup drives fun, stylish, and cool. Not that you need to be cool when picking up trash, but it’s about time this activity is digitized. No, it’s not a robotic arm either, but the trash picker is really smart as it can collect data for analysis and insights that may be useful someday.

An intelligent trash picker sounds unimportant, but it can be a significant help. For one, it can make the chore fun, especially for the kids. Get a Rubbish Beam for the house, one for each person, and then have a contest who picks the most trash. So Gamifying trash pick-up sounds fun; we hope every household chore has a game version.

Hatch Duo Rubbish Beam

The idea of a Rubbish Beam can also make clean-up drive campaigns more attractive than ever. Not that picking up trash can be attractive, but aiming for a goal can make things more competitive and well, yeah…fun. We’ve seen nothing like this before but we’ve heard of similar efforts to improve trash management.

Hatch Duo Rubbish Beam Design