This pen-sized electric screwdriver can output up to 10 of torque, making DIY a breeze

The three ideological aspects behind every portable multi-tool probably are versatility, performance, and user experience. Take one facet out and you’re left with little or no sense to carry the product in your tool bag, irrespective of whether you’re a professional or a self-taught DIYer. If there is someone who understands this better than the other tool-set builders, it’s Arrowmax… Well into its fourth essential portable tool, Arrowmax delivers the M1 Pro, an electric screwdriver, primarily with precision and intuition as its basis. It also comes with five-level controllable torque taking out the elbow-grease you’d require with a manual screwdriver, and the unintuitive power of most electric screwdrivers that require a learning curve. The M1 Pro’s beauty is that you don’t need a learning curve. The motor activates as you grip and turn the driver, automatically rotating clockwise or counterclockwise to open/tighten any screw you need to contend with.

Designers: Liu Yin, Rex Tseung, Yuan Shi Teng

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Settings are automatically saved to the screwdriver, allowing it to resume in the last used mode even after being switched off.

The M1 Pro’s design sees a few significant upgrades over its previous models – something that hasn’t happened in a while. For starters, it arrives with a new handle design and touch-sensitive interface, which for many takers would transcend traditional experiential boundaries. Switch buttons near the head offer seamless screw fastening and removal with just a simple touch, while an OLED screen displays dynamic icons and battery power status when charging. The main stake of the inventive screwdriver is the enclosed package of 60 extended S2 steel bits it comes packed with. These various length bit bars and extended rods magnetically snap to or detach from the screwdriver head, enhancing the M1 Pro’s application range manifold and making it a versatile companion for a design project you wish to undertake.

Cutting-edge oval design for improved grip and control

The M1 Pro trades the usual screwdriver handle design for an ergonomic oval body – made from aluminum alloy – improving grip and control. The tool’s compact size permits a precise distribution of weight to reduce hand fatigue during prolonged usage. M1 Pro doesn’t just stop at versatility; it takes performance to a new level with a revamped circuit board, a powerful motor, and control software to meticulously execute touch and motion-activated controls, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

One of the standout performance features of the M1 Pro still is its ability to function within five-torque modes: the first is A (Auto) mode, where torque is decided by manual or gesture control feature and the other four torque levels range between 1 – 10 The screwdriver also comes with integrated shadowless LED lights that illuminate the work area, allowing you to even operate in low-light situations without needing someone to hold a torch. The multiple torque modes and shadowless lights have remained one of Arrowmax’s most prized features, so it’s no surprise that they make it to their latest flagship.

It’s not all manual doing here. You can control the torque settings wirelessly with the M1 Pro’s mobile app, available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and Arrowmax. For added smartness in the process, Arrowmax has equipped the M1 Pro with a proprietary Smart Motion Control system (SMC), which allows the screwdriver to be gesture-controlled by the direction you twist your wrist. The motor automatically adjusts torque and direction based on the angle of your hand rotation. Using the app, however, you can customize torque settings for each of the modes, and enjoy the convenience of automatic saving as well. The screwdriver saves the settings you’re working in to resume in the last used mode even after being switched off. And since Arrowmax understands that its tool will be required and should adapt to every situation equally, it can transition to manual mode when electric mode lacks sufficient power, and you continue working without losing a second.

M1 Pro is equipped with fast Type-C charging

The M1 Pro’s effectiveness of the torque and its performance are governed by the built-in 600mAh LiPo battery. This gives the screwdriver a working time of 90 minutes. To put that into perspective, the M1 Pro should be able to tighten or loosen over 900 screws on a single charge. Charging is handled by a Type-C fast charging cable that juices the unit fully in 100 minutes. The tool has a rubber back cover to help with battery replacement without any professional assistance.

M1 Angle Screw – precision at a new angle

The resourcefulness of the M1 Pro really takes a prominent twist with the interesting M1 Angle Screw you get with the M1 Pro Plus edition. Crafted from CNC-machined 7075 aerospace-grade aluminum and featuring steel gears, the special Angle Screw attachment is designed to negotiate tight spaces and challenging angles with ease of maneuvering and working on screws in upright and straightforward positions. The whole Arrowmax M1 Pro package is delivered in an aluminum storage box, again CNC-machined for durability and sheer precision. The M1 Pro box organizes bits efficiently with a magnetic compartment inside so you can remove and snap them back seamlessly during an efficient operation or a creative endeavor.

This versatile tool provides exceptional performance and precision for a wide range of tasks

The M1 Pro also comes with a standard M1 variant, which has the same number of drill bits, the same 10 torque output, torque modes, and battery capacity. The only features it lacks are the Smart Motion Control system (that lets the screwdriver automatically identify torque and rotating direction with your wrist movements), Bluetooth control, and a capacitive-touch display. The touchscreen display gets replaced with a button-operated interface and a smaller screen, like the ones seen in Arrowmax’s previous devices. The M1 starts at a respectable $59 discounted price, while the M1 Pro boasts a price tag of $89 (36% off its original $139 price). Both the M1 and M1 Pro ship globally, making them perfect a perfect addition, nay upgrade, to your existing DIY toolkit!

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off). Hurry, only 145/300 left! Raised over $160,000.