Squeeze life’s lemons!

I wonder why life giving you lemons is a bad thing. I mean, what’s wrong with lemons? They’re amazing! I love putting lemon juice on everything! Except, I hate squeezing lemons. Lemon squeezers take a lot of effort and don’t really squeeze each drop out. It’s a pretty standard problem that everyone has yet no-one’s solved…until now!

The Helix Citrus Juicer beats all other juicers and squeezers because unlike other products that use compression to squeeze the lemon, the Helix uses torsion, making it much more effective, the same way a workshop clamp uses a helix to clamp down on something. I imagine that spells disaster for the lemons! And for you? Life can throw as many lemons at you, the Helix Juicer will efficiently juice them all!

Designer: Joseph Joseph