Relieve knee pain and heal injuries with this innovative dual-light therapy of the Reviiv Knee+

We attach a lot of technologies to our bodies, not yet including the smartphones we keep close, most of which are designed to monitor our health or diagnose potential problems. However, none of these can do anything when something does happen, except perhaps to send an emergency message or call. That’s what sets the Reviiv Knee+ apart because it can actually help reduce knee pain or help accelerate the healing process, thanks to its use of LED and laser lights to simulate blood flow. Even better, the device’s modular and comfortable design lets you easily strap it around your injured knee, letting the medical-grade light panels get close to your aching joints and damaged tissues.

Designer: Reviiv Design Labs

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You might scoff at the thought of worrying too much about knee pains, but you might also be shocked to learn that 4 out of every 10 people in the world actually suffer from it chronically. The reasons are varied, ranging from unavoidable factors like genetics, age, and location, to choices we make ourselves, like our lifestyles or our work. Chronic knee pain isn’t hard to get, but getting relief and treatment is. The Reviiv Knee+ makes it almost too easy, letting you place light panels on top of pain zones to work its dual-light magic. Adjustable magnetic straps not only hold those panels around your leg securely, they also make sure no one is left behind just because they have smaller or bigger legs.

Knee+ uses the underrated power of light to help the body’s healing process through photobiomodulation. This scientific mouthful only means that light enhances the natural mitochondrial functions of cells to speed up the regeneration of damaged cells. In this case, LED and laser lights work in tandem to make sure that light penetrates the entire leg, from the 650nm depth of red LED light to the 808nm depth of near-infrared laser. Knee+ and its dual-light therapy can bring fast-acting relief and positively affect long-term healing no matter the cause of the pain or injury, like tired athletes, recovering patients, and people with arthritis.

Despite its medical applications, the Knee+ isn’t some heavy and bulky machine that needs to be kept in the trunk of your car or, worse, stuck at home. Designed to be able to come to the rescue at any given moment, the Knee+ can be easily stuffed inside a bag whenever you go out. The modular connection between the straps makes it trivial to put it together and take it apart, while its carrying case doubles as a magnetic charging dock for the light panels, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough battery when you do need it. Best of all, you don’t need to ask a medical professional to use it. Simply put it on, and it will automatically determine and adjust the dosage cycle for you. And at less than $300, you won’t have to break your bank to heal your broken knee with the modular Reviiv Knee+ and its almost magical dual-light therapy.

Click Here to Buy Now: $289 $499 ($210 off with coupon code “YANKODESIGN EXCLUSIVE”). Hurry, offer ends April 27.