The Evolution of Headphones

VOLVE Headphones merge innovative operation, minimalistic character & high-end technology to blur the boundaries between music and mind. Sure, they’re sleek and stylish, but what sets them apart is the transfer of play/volume functionality directly to the headphone from the MP3 player or other Samsung device. Volume can be adjusted by simply turning a rubber disc situated on the ear cups & play or pause is activated by a single push on the centerpiece, making them as intuitive to use as they are beautiful to look at.

Highly adjustable revolving stainless steel tubing surrounding the ear cups provides a perfect fit for each individual and eliminates any soreness from prolonged use, so you can immerse yourself in your listening experience without being distracted by ear pain.

Designer: Andreas Konradsen


  • han says:

    love the controlling idea. actually, I was working on similar idea! now I have to come up with a better one LOL well, I love the design, only thing is that i see brookstone rather than Samsung design language here.
    visit my site and let me know what you think:

  • Andreas Konradsen says:

    Thanks for the comment and good luck with the better idea 😉

    I think of the Volve Headphones as being closer to a B&O idiom.

    Regarding your work I think the sketches are great and that the Eclipse-Dual stands out as a very interesting concept.

    Kind regards

  • Kevin Owens says:

    Thanks for your work on this concept. I’ll now make a review below.

    The main feature about these headphones is the “transfer of play/volume functionality directly to the headphone”. The volume can be adjusted by turning a rubber disk on the ear cups, and songs can be paused by pressing a button on the ear cup as well. This is what is supposed to set these headphones apart. This isn’t anything new, but what is new is the position where you adjust the headphone volume on the device & how it is done. The first thing I thought looking at these headphones is “Wow, They are not very sleek or stylish.” And style is a key feature when it comes to headphones. I thought they looked like a kitchen utensil. There are plenty of 10-20 Dollar headphones that look a’lot better then these.

    The volume & playing features are nice, but it’s so unfresh, I would not go into a store and choose these over most any set of headphones. I can’t tell how to adjust them by looking at them either, it does not look extremely simple.

    Style & Look: 2/10 – Those 2 are for the brown leather interior, because it looks nice, but the rest is so kitchen utensil like. But there’s no color choice either.

    Volume & Play: 10/10 – I like it for what it is. Very nice feature, not to mention to revolve, which is nice.

    Overall: But overall, these are quite… weak headphones. People don’t want steal showing in large part on there items, it’s not supposed to look like a tool. People want color choices & they want there favorite color showing. And I adjust the height and then I have metal prongs sticking up from my head, which amplifies the lack of style. I’v seen a’lot of headphones i’d purchase with ease over these. But this also depends on what price range this headset is trying to compete in. If 10-20 Dollars, they will fail. If 30-50 or higher, they will fail, because they simply are not that great. I think these would fail at market.

    2/10 Overall. Nice try.

  • Denny says:

    Interesting post. Very informative and useful.

  • michele says:

    such a great design and concept andreas! i totally disagree with kevin’ opinion, i believe the style is very very cool and sets them apart while keeping that “retro” touch which in my view is very appreciated today. the play / volume functions are just awesome in that position, it looks like a much more natural movement to do with the hands going directly to te ear rather then looking for the fuckin commands on the wire (riding a bike in winter and lookig for your commands mingled around your neck somewhere in your winter jacket isn’t practical…). If it turned to be a poduct with great sound capabilities ( or at least like Koss Porta Pro) while keeping a price range around 150 euros, i’d definitely buy them!

  • Kevin Owens says:

    150 Euros is about, 187 U.S Dollars. Which is in the competitive price range of the “Beats By Dr. Dre.” Now, beats are overpriced, but they certainly have a better look then these do. And the quality of beats is likely to be better, also considering the competitive advantage beats has in branding & the fact that beats technology is integrated into Laptops.

    I don’t think European Or American consumers would shell out 150 Euros or 187 Dollars for a set of headphones that, have no swagger. I can go down the street to a discount store and find a pear of headphones that look better then these for $10, So to put there in the 150+ price range, would be tragic. Although I can’t Argus, the way you play & adjust the volume is VERY COOL. Although, not enough to make these super expensive.

  • Fıkra says:

    wonderful!! 😀

  • forum says:

    waowww 😀

  • Andreas Konradsen says:

    Thank you for the comments

    @ Kevin Owens, such a detailed review requires a though rough reply:

    I think it is appropriate to divide my response into two categories:

    1 Kevin Owens personal preferences:

    Your opinion on the styling of the headphones comes down to personal preference, so the comment “They are not very sleek or stylish” and “it’s not supposed to look like a tool.” have little to offer as far as reasonable argumenting goes. This is a critique that you present in both comments, but repeating it will not make it more true for anyone but yourself.

    2 Assumptions that can be discussed

    “But there’s no color choice either.” Actually there is in picture two to the left. 3 subtle versions.

    “People want color choices & they want there favorite color showing.” Some do some don´t. The TMA-1 by AIAIAI only come in black and the same goes for the Bang and Olufsen A8 headphones and all of Grado´s product line.

    “The volume & playing features are nice, but it’s so unfresh” I am not sure what “unfresh” refers to, but I have never seen it implementet in a set of headphones. I would be most interestet in seeing a product with similar interaction beeing “fresh”?

    “And the quality of beats is likely to be better, also considering the competitive advantage beats has in branding & the fact that beats technology is integrated into Laptops.” As this is a concept it is very hard to comment on the quality of a non existing sound. I can only say that the product was aimed at SAMSUNG and that this company for years have been at the very top of the electronics industry so it would be reasonable to assume that the final product would be of good quality.

    The one thing I will agree with you on, is that the adjustment could be improved as I am not sure this is the best solution. It was the best I was able to find.

    I think your comments are very representative for yur personal preferences, and I would advice you to broaden your view on headphone design.

  • R says:

    Love the leather and the controlling aspect of it, but I’d imagine it’d look weird on your head. It’s too square for my liking.

  • DaButler says:

    I enjoy the features, and love the styling of the cups, but with the band as it is I can only imagine those halloween ear headband things. If the band was brought down to the cup like most headphones I would be all over these.

    I would also imagine as far as a comfort standpoint the metal to the head would make these (as is) hard to listen to for any amount of time

  • Olof says:

    Just wanted to say that I’d rather wear these over anything from Beats any day of the week, as long as they fit as snugly as possible to my head without hurting. I wouldn’t want to look like I’m wearing an antena on my head.

    At the moment I use AKGs K518LE headphones because I like the fact that they’re foldable and the sound suits my preferences very well. Design wise they leave alot to be desired.

    Perhaps a function of changing to the next/previous song could be added somehow? That way I could keep my cell in my pocket even longer.

    Price-wise… well, the sound will have to impress too.

    Job well done!

  • Love4Music says:

    this is like one of the best headphone concept i’ve stumbled. love how the you can adjust the ear cups freely. and the volume control, DAMN SWEET! really
    the only problem is how that cable’s going to both ear cups. getting the cables in those steel tubes is kinda hard, IMO.

  • x says:

    if the wires r brass they can be easily anodized with any color and this will solve the color choices 4 anyone!

  • Bennett says:


    Were the Samsung Volve headphones ever produced and sold to the public and if so where could I find them? If they were not ever made could anyone recommend a similar looking style of headphone? I think they look beautiful! I am very much a fan of the design Andreas Konradsen!


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