This horticultural light + watering system takes 360° care of your indoor plants

CURA is an all-encompassing plant-growth apparatus that takes care of the light and water requirements for any plant. Its automated systems can be programmed to suit the light requirements for flowering plants, air-purifying plants, herbaceous plants, or decorative plants, and when CURA’s halo-shaped lamp isn’t nourishing your plant, it can be turned into an ambient light that adds a pop of color to your space!

Designer: Arun Raj

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Available in 3 sizes and across floor-standing, tabletop, and wall-mounted varieties, CURA is a halo-shaped horticultural light that’s designed to activate and promote plant growth. Powered by OSRAM LEDs, the lamp can output different wavelengths of light that help create the right growth conditions for different types of plants. CURA comes with presets for Herbs & Greens, Flowers & Fruits, Germination, Indoor Garden Plants, and more, while also handling different stages in a plant’s growth cycle, from germination to flower and fruit-bearing stages.

CURA achieves this by relying on two grades of full-spectrum white LEDs as well as blue and red LEDs. Depending on the preset (and you can make your own), the LEDs generate the right wavelength of light that’s required for different plants to grow. CURA’s automated system switches the light on around sunrise, and automatically powers off post-sunset. The lamp can either be programmed to work automatically or can be configured using CURA’s smartphone app, allowing you to effectively play horticulturist with your indoor plants.

Stimulates photosynthesis and promotes biomass growth, essential for reproductive functions.

Grow anything all year round.

When the lamp isn’t actively helping grow your plant, it also comes with an Ambient Mode that turns it into an ambient ring light that can be configured to glow in any color to give your plant and your room a wash of light. Moreover, the lamp in Ambient Mode can also be configured to dynamically respond to music… so that humans can enjoy the CURA experience too!

The CURA light is easy to install and sits on a mount that’s height-adjustable and can also swivel 180°. The ring-shaped LED light connects to a power source, and can even be daisy-chained together to create a system of CURA lights for multiple plants. The light’s halo shape, however, plays two important roles – for starters, it provides a hollow space for your plant to grow through (especially if it’s a large, fast-growing plant), or conversely, lets you attach a CURA Pump that autonomously waters your plants, taking care of virtually every aspect of the plant-growing process.

CURA comes from the folks at Altifarm Enverde, the same guys who created the Herbstation and the Pico Planter that collectively raised over $2 million and shipped to more than 20,000 backers. While Herbstation and Pico were both planter-based devices, CURA is their first planter-agnostic lamp that works with any existing potted plant you may have.

Its 3 sizes and mounting capabilities give you the flexibility to literally install it anywhere and with any plant you’ve got, and the companion CURA app lets you remotely control multiple lamps around the house. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the CURA lights are all compatible with your smart home and can be controlled merely by voice commands. Who knew we’d finally see voice-controlled plants in 2022??

You can pre-order your own CURA light through their Kickstarter campaign. Each CURA light comes in 3 premium finishes with an aluminum construction along with a durable polycarbonate front cover. The CURA lights are USB-C powered and run on a 5V power supply. Each light ships with a brass suspension kit, an adaptor for the CURA pump, and a charging cable. The mounting systems and the CURA pump are available as add-ons to your pledge.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $99 (40% off). Hurry, only 4/13 left! Raised over $130,000.