This special built-in UV-C Sterilizer sanitizes your cleaning tools

Sterilizer 2022 Built-in Ultrasonic Cleaner UV-C 7

When the pandemic happened, many people suddenly became more conscious about their health. Alongside this health and fitness awareness is consciousness about the cleanliness of one’s surroundings.

UV-C has become a proven way to sterilize surfaces and personal stuff in the past two years. Sales for such sterilizers have gone up, and now they come in different forms and sizes. The Sterilizer 2022 is yet another concept product that brands can probably consider bringing into production.

Designer: Woojin Heo

Sterilizer 2022 Built-in Ultrasonic Cleaner UV-C 6

Korean designer Woojin Heo has shared his design for a cleaning system. It’s not exactly a personal sterilizer, but it is meant for cleaning tools you usually use at home. The goal was to develop a sterilizer for those standard cleaning tools we utilize every day. Sterilizing your cleaning tools is important to prevent contamination and bacterial growth.

Sanitization of every corner of the house is a must, especially during this pandemic. The virus still lurks so we must be careful with the things we handle or touch. A sterilizer can give people peace of mind, especially those who are very particular about cleanliness.

Sterilizer 2022 Built-in Ultrasonic Cleaner UV-C Details

The Sterilizer 2022 is a built-in Ultrasonic cleaner that sanitizes with UV-C. The idea of double cleansing is nothing new. However, you really need to clean those items you use to clean. Obviously, they can get dirty and be full of germs, especially those brushes used on the toilet.

Washing the cleaning tools with soap and hot water may not be enough. Some dip them in water with vinegar or baking soda, but they may still not be enough as bacteria don’t get killed easily. Only UV can kill most germs, so the designer came up with something that will make things sanitary and hygienic for everyone at home.

Sterilizer 2022 Built-in Ultrasonic Cleaner UV-C DESIGN

The sterilizing system is built into the wall. You can have it installed inside the bathroom or in your mudroom or laundry room. It’s also a way to keep the cleaning tools organized.

To make things easy to access, the design features a tilted system. The main ultrasonic sterilization container inside is a cylinder where you can insert a conventional cleaning brush. The system can be controlled via an interface outside of the product.

Sterilizer 2022 Built-in Ultrasonic Cleaner UV-C

The whole cleaning system is concealed but is easily accessible. An opening tilts to reveal the cleaning system inside. On top of the sterilization, the container is a water pipe. It is filled automatically, so cleaning can be continuous. The system utilizes ultrasonic cleaning to ensure any germs, bacteria, or foreign substance attached to the brush or plunger is removed. The second level of cleaning is done through UV-C sterilization.

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