Track all your achievements and self-growth goals with this versatile design-driven all-in-one planner

A random tweet in 2020 made me really rethink my life. It read “My phone apps have more updates than my life does”. Funny? Sure. Poignant? Certainly. I remember reading the tweet and laughing internally, before realizing how painfully true it was. I hadn’t done much growth because I hadn’t set goals for myself. I hadn’t really tracked them either, and that just caused time to slip away while I remained the same.

Designers: Bhagvanji Sonagra, Bhavin Dabhi, MananKumar Joshi of UDLAB

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The best way to track progress is to measure it. Whether it’s marking your height on a wall as a child, or standing on a weighing scale and seeing an improvement, or just simply ticking things off a to-do list, there’s joy in structuring your life goals and validation in checking them off your list as a testament to your own personal growth. The designers (and close friends of YD) at UDLAB just launched their second edition of the Achiever Planner, a versatile all-in-one planner and goal-tracker that lets you mark your daily/weekly/monthly progress across various fields, tracking professional events, travel plans, fitness goals, nutritional/food intake, finances, and even your own personal habits. Short of reading a Deepak Chopra book or hiring a life coach, the Achiever Planner 2 helps you easily watch your personal progress unfold before your eyes… because it’s documented there for you to see.

Body Measurement & Tracker. Check your daily/weekly body measurement.

Travel Planner. Track of all the places that you’ve visited or you would like to go to.

The Health Guide contains all the necessary nutrients required for our body, their function, and their sources.

Inspirational quotes from some of the world’s best achievers will give you the much-needed boost.

Future Goal Mapping. Visualize your future and career and get focused to achieve that.

Monthly Goal Setting. Task plan your valuable time for the entire month.

Habits Tracker. Give yourself a 30-day challenge every month and come closer to your goal.

Monthly Task Mind Mapping. Visualize your monthly task, to-do lists, and plan your time for the entire month.

Fitness Planning. Plan your weekly fitness exercise.

Meal Planning. Help you to maintain a healthful diet and manage your health and weight.

Weekly Planner. Weekly overviews allow you to track your weekly schedule.

Self Reflection. Find what you think and how you can be better every time.

Finance Tracking. Track your finance by adding up all your accounts, and outlining budget and savings goals.

The planner comes in two sizes, as a smaller A5 book in portrait mode, or a slightly larger yet equally portable B5 book in landscape mode. Given that its very job is to motivate you into being your best self, it comes with a rather luxurious PU leather cover, with debossed motivational messages and cheers on the front, and pockets on the back for post-it notes or even stashing your phone or stationery. On the inside, the diary/planner comes with high-quality 120 gsm paper and boasts of an undated and need-agnostic layout… which is a fancy way of saying that the diary isn’t restricted to any particular calendar year (like most planners are), and it comes with an all-in-one design that lets you simultaneously capture your work/schedule, travel, fitness, finances, nutrition, and even your habits… with a couple of pages for you to write your own personal motivational quotes and stories in. The Achiever Planner 2 builds on the success of its predecessor, which saw over 2000 units shipped to more than 60 countries. It comes with a versatile and cleverly crafted layout too, courtesy of multidisciplinary designers and design educators at UDLAB Products (who also made this detailed designer’s guide on nature-inspired design in 2020).

It’s easy to lose your entire day to Netflix and a massive bag of Doritos, but having your own goals written down ahead of you definitely helps structure your life. Sure, everyone deserves a few off-days or recovery days, but the Achiever Planner 2 acts as the carrot and stick to motivate you to achieve your goals and live your best year. The planners come in portrait A5 and landscape B5 across various colors, with a super early bird price of $29, and will be shipping in December, just in time for documenting your 2022 goals and plans!

Click Here to Buy Now: $29 $42 ($13 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!