Tiny biometric lock lets you secure everything from your gym bag to locker with a fingerprint

Imagine being able to use TouchID on stuff apart from your phone. The Lexon Nomaday biometric lock lets you secure your backpack, room, locker, or even bicycle just by using your fingerprint.

The Nomaday is a tiny yet impressive padlock that ditches the keys for something much more secure – biometrics. Designed to be as easy to operate as unlocking your phone is, the Lexon Nomaday comes with a small fingerprint reader that has a response time of just 0.5 seconds, unlocking faster than the time it would ordinarily take to even find your keys. The Nomaday can store up to 10 different fingerprints and comes with an LED indicator, giving multiple people keyless access to whatever’s behind the lock.

Designer: Guillaume Delvigne for Lexon

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A pretty impressive little EDC to have on you, the Nomaday padlock is roughly the size of a large-ish USB stick, and comes with a secure stainless steel ring and a zinc alloy body that gives it robust reliability while being lightweight at just 4.8 ounces or 137 grams. The Nomaday comes with a built-in battery that has a standby time of 12 full months and can withstand over 3000 locks and unlocks on a full charge. A USB-C port on the underside of the lock lets you charge it, taking it from 0 to 100% in just 1/5 hours.

Designed for indoor as well as outdoor use, the handy little lock works on doors, lockers, bags, travel cases, and can even go around the spokes of your bicycle wheel. The lock is even built to be IP65 waterproof, so it can easily handle rain, and it works entirely without any app, making it relatively simple to use without needing your phone around.

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