Australia’s first self-inflating off-road camper sets a new bar for glamping

The Space X Air trailer is Australia’s first automatic opening, stabilizing, and inflating off-road camper for the ultimate glamping experience.

There’s camping and then there’s glamping. For those who’d rather not go without a shower and spend the night on the forest floor, glamping offers campers the opportunity to still sleep under the stars, and running water is always a stone’s throw away.

Designer: Mars Campers

Delivering one way for campers to enjoy the great outdoors with a bit of glamour, the Space X Air from Mars Campers is Australia’s first automatic opening, stabilizing, and inflating off-road camper. Attachable as a flatbed trailer, Space X Air self-inflates with the push of a button to reveal a spacious, integrated living space.

When fully expanded, the trailer is large enough to accommodate four adults and two children. Then, when the trailer is closed, it folds down to 5900mm L x 2340mm W x 1560mm H. While the trailer is small and lightweight enough to attach to most automobiles, Mars Campers has been anything but skimpy on the built-in features.

When it comes to cooking, the Space X Air comes equipped with a full kitchenette and a dinette for sit-down dinners. The kitchen is complete with a Dometic SMEV 8003 3-burner stove, chopping board, sink, cold water tap, 20L mini bar cooler, external pantry, waterproof speakers, TV bracket, and two toolboxes. When it comes time for bed, the dinette lounge converts to a sleeping area.

On both ends of the trailer, campers can rest throughout the day on high-density, double-bed mattresses. While the roomy lounge area might be enough for some to stay comfy while glamping, Mars Campers equipped their latest trailer with off-grid perks as well.

Ensuring that no matter where off-roading takes campers, the designers at Mars Campers were sure to include two 100L water tanks, a portable toilet, and a 200W portable solar panel in addition to supplementary features like a water heater, batteries, a charger, as well as internal and external LED light fixtures.

Waterproof overhead coverings protect campers from the outside elements. 

The self-inflating trailer automatically opens up with the push of a button.

A fully-functioning kitchenette ensures ultimate comfort when glamping.

The stainless steel kitchenette is heavy-duty and stabilized. 

When expanded, the trailer provides ample storage space and roomy lounge areas to make your glamping experience as comfortable as possible.