Light Wave Surfboard by Santa Cruz Light Studio

The Light Wave Surfboard is our latest innovation in Surfing from Santa Cruz Light Wells, Inc. The Light Wave can light up you’re board as you light up the wave. The Light Wave features headlights, rail light, fin lights and first for Surfing all together the tube light. The Light Wave rail light is controlled by a left or right handed dimmer switch. This will allow you to see you’re friend for the first time in a night time session. The Light Wave headlights are activated by lifting the nose and the graphics are rider activated allowing new Surfing designs and colors to be seen during extreme carving and jumping or just to see what size wave is coming up. The headlights and tube light can be programmed to run from 10- 45 seconds to light up as you drop in and through a few turns as well. The Light Wave has two replaceable batteries that will illuminate for many hours of night time Surfing. The Light Wave logo also lights up when powered up. Weather you’re the first one out or the last one in The Light Wave Surfboard shines the way. Regardless of one’s preferred board length The Light Wave has the long and the short of it.

Design: Santa Cruz Light Wells [ Via: Gizmodo ]