This sleek stylish watch basks in minimalism with a dial similar to the DeLorean’s rim

Watches carry their own charisma, deep history, and of course the convenience of timekeeping. While these well-orchestrated mechanical machines have been crafted for centuries now, the movement and complex engineering can get hard to gobble down at times. Those larger-than-life dials look swanky at first glance but that charm can fade away with time with the complications becoming difficult to adjust and at times comprehend. For people who appreciate the simpler things in life, and a timepiece that has a big presence, the Line Watch is just the right one to sport on your wrist.

Created by Telekes Design, the Line Watch is inspired by nature’s simple geometric shapes and parametric architecture. The idea is to create a simple persona but a big presence when paired with classy outfits and accessories. The watch dial gives off a classic wall clock vibe but I can also see the reminiscences of the DeLorean DMC 12’s rim here. The natural ribbings on the watch face make it easy to read time as the hours, minutes and seconds hand go about in a cyclical motion. That said, the time telling accuracy may be a tad confusing, given the seconds hand that extends equally on either side. The crown is well aligned in matte styling with the case that is accentuated by the pattered chapter ring.

Designer: Telekes Design

Flip the Line Watch over and I can’t help but appreciate the way the leather strap is clamped onto the casing. The brushed metal finish on the flowing body of the analog watch adds a classy touch and feel for the wearer to appreciate and onlookers to wonder about the Line’s origins. The dial has an eye-catchy contoured form that flows seamlessly into the face of the timepiece. Have the option to own Line Watch in attractive modern colors including – Sierra, Deep Sea, Dark Sand, Ash Gray and Privilege Green – paired to a leather strap in Privilege Green hue.