Sun-mimicking lamp looks like a classy tabletop accessory that lets you grow any plant indoors

Drawing the fine line between a functional piece of plant-growing hardware and an elegant tabletop lighting accessory, Plant Light Nº1 turns your interior space into an ideal set of conditions for growing plants. The light comes with a neo-industrial design aesthetic, and sports a surface to rest your planter on. Above it sits a height-adjustable lamp that comes equipped with full-spectrum LEDs that mimic the light quality (color), light intensity (brightness), and photoperiod (duration) of the sun, allowing any plant to grow indoors.

Designer: ample

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PL1 lamps are designed to have a minimal-yet-industrial appeal that reminds one of chemistry-lab equipment. They’re utilitarian, yet classy, and come with aluminum + steel bodies that are designed to be lightweight yet sturdy, and still dissipate any heat coming from the LEDs. The lamp unit itself sits on a telescopic handle that can be slid up and down to adjust its height (depending really on how tall your plant is) and comes with a matrix of full-spectrum 90+ CRI LEDs that mimic the sun in a way that sets PL1 apart.

PL1 lamp’s secret sauce is its ability to match the color, brightness, and duration of the sun’s light, hitting the sweet spot for all plant types.PL1 comes with three different lighting modes that cater to the 3 different phases of a growing plant – germination, vegetation, and production, and a built-in timer allows PL1 to intuitively switch on or off, providing the right duration of light for your plants. It does so intuitively, without any smartphone apps or IoT features, making PL1 an uncomplicated, well-designed lighting fixture for practically anyone.

Plant Light Nº1 was designed by Charles Skender of Melbourne-based creative outfit ample. An avid plant lover and supporter of the idea that plants do wonders for mental wellbeing, Charles found it difficult to grow plant in his tiny indoor flat with limited access to sunny areas. Not all flats have equal access to a balcony or even sunny areas, and this has its own cascading effects on our mood and focus.

Charles designed PL1 to help even people living in small, crowded flats to grow their own plants and create mood-lifting indoor gardens. PL1 is a wired lamp (there’s no internal battery), and stands at 52 centimeters or 1.7 feet tall. The lamp’s circular platform allows you to fit planters up to 30 centimeters (12 inches) wide, and vertically mounted light has a height adjustability factor of 30cm. Charles’ lamp also focuses on external aesthetics, with a slender yet impactful visual language that gives it the status of a minimalist lighting device designed for all contemporary home decors. PL1 comes in black or white, and for now, ships just to the United States and Australia, starting December 2022.

Click here to Buy Now: $207 $295 (30% off). Hurry, only 3/100 left!