The Barrier-Free Braille Board refreshes the age-old braille-slate design.

Designed as an upgrade to traditional braille boards or braille slates, the Barrier-Free Braille Board helps you compose text in braille and easily write/punch it down on a piece of paper that’s sandwiched between a base-plate, and an upper plate that contains a sliding guide for punching the alphabets out. Like most braille boards, text on this board is written in reverse, but the Barrier-Free Braille Board has an extra plastic frame to hold the paper in place, so you can flip the paper over periodically to read what you’ve written. The overall design is made to be more ergonomic than off-the-shelf boards, while the sliding punch-plate acts almost like a cursor, letting you know where you’re at in the typing process, if you decide to stop midway.

The Barrier-Free Braille Board is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designers: Yang Decai, Chen Dayu, Hao Taotao, Li Peijie, Tanzou Xinran, Yang Defa, Yang Xi, Yang An, Yang Changyuan & Zhu Zhifang