This quirky pod workspace hopes to reinvent the ‘cubicle’ in a fun way

The cubicle is dead… Long live the cubicle. However, it’s being replaced by something that feels less like a suffocating cabin and more like a colorful space that allows you to be focused, productive, and creative. Designed by Studio Aisslinger, these quirky work capsules “let you float in the universe of your ideas; the cozy intimacy of a private hideaway in the middle of the openness of all the creative minds around you.”

Aisslinger’s Work Capsules were initially designed in a pre-pandemic world as a way to overhaul the cubicle. Interestingly enough, in a post-pandemic world, they provide an environment that really borrows from the best bits of the WFH culture. The Work Capsules create a space that feels uniquely yours. The pod is shaped to give you a place to sit, and a platform to rest your machine on, while curtains let you enclose yourself in your zen-like space, and a bubble window lets you peep out to look at the world outside.

Designer: Studio Aisslinger for 25Hours Hotels

The Work Capsules are constructed out of fabric-clad metal sheets that provide rigidity but are still soft to the touch. Each capsule has a seat and a table, shelves for storing belongings, power outlets, a light, the signature bubble window, and a rolling curtain with a zipper that lets you have your own private space while working. Pods can be placed in any space in a variety of arrangements. They aren’t modular, although that’s only because Studio Aisslinger wanted them to be placed in an unconnected way that gives each pod its own space without feeling like a set of cubicles stacked against one another. The pods come in a variety of vibrant colors, although the bright red capsule in question does look a little too striking. Could I get my Work Capsule in a calming blue or green, please??