World’s first Pinhole Lens with a variable aperture brings a retro touch to your modern camera

With as many as 6 different apertures to choose from as well as a variable focal length, the Pinhole Pro Max combines the oldest form of photography with cutting-edge technology. The result is a uniquely retro/vintage effect that transcends anything a filter or software could ever achieve. Fourth in Thingyfy’s pinhole lens series, the Pinhole Pro Max comes with a precisely engineered aluminum body that sports an aperture toggle ring and a manual zoom feature, letting you shoot in a wide variety of settings from indoors to outdoors, and from low-light to brightly lit conditions.

Designer: Forbus Lu

Click Here to Buy Now: $219 $428 (49% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $246,690.

Designed for both professionals as well as hobbyists, the Pinhole Pro Max is a uniquely versatile little tool that adds a layer of dreamy grunge to your photos and videos. You see, contemporary cameras use state-of-the-art lenses, mirrors, mounts, AF/MF techniques to deliver amazing images, but those images are much too life-like. There’s always a charm to vintage filters, with the way their colors are de-saturated/different, and the vignette around the borders. Rather than relying on software, the Pinhole Pro Max uses a precision micro-drilled pin-size hole instead of a complex array of glass lenses.

20mm with 0.35 aperture

36mm with 0.5 aperture

However, unlike previous pinhole lenses, the Pinhole Pro Max comes with 6 differently sized holes that you can toggle through. Each hole has a different aperture-width which allows varying amounts of light to hit your camera’s sensor. The apertures range from 0.15mm to 0.5mm, allowing you to work in brightly lit or dimly lit scenarios. Given that the amount of light hitting your sensor also affects its ability to capture color, the aperture settings let you go from a desaturated, almost B/W style to a retro-blurry color style of photography.

Unlike past pinhole lenses from Thingyfy, the Pro Max even has a variable focal length of 18-36mm, allowing you to manually zoom in and out of your scene… or better still, recreate the famous ‘reverse tracking shot’ from Hitchcock’s Vertigo!

Each Pinhole Pro Max is precisely machined from aluminum and doesn’t use any glass lenses. This famously makes it much more durable than other camera lenses since there isn’t anything delicate that can scratch or break. The entire lens weighs just 117 grams, comes with a 58mm diameter, and supports all popular DSLR and Mirrorless mounts, like the Canon EOS/EF/RF, Nikon F/Z, Sony A/E, Fuji X, Pentax K, and Micro 4/3. It even comes with optional accessory filters, including a UV filter, a CPL filter, and an ND2 filter to give you better control over the light entering your camera sensor.

Photography enthusiasts can grab their Pinhole Pro Max for a super early bird 49% discounted price of $219 on Kickstarter, or snag the entire bundle for $279 which includes an aluminum lens cap, a carrying case, and the 3 filters. The Pinhole Pro Max ships globally, starting September 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $219 $428 (49% off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left! Raised over $246,690.