Elaborate Kitchens Really Need to Be Smart Dressed

Must it always have to be about kitchens with lack of space? Can’t we for once focus on showing off smart products on counter-tops or wall mounted goodies! I vote for a change in perspective and say that stuff like the SmartSpace Dry Food Dispenser be on the forefront. It’s good to hold pastas, breakfast cereals, pulses etc, plus you can let your creativity get the better of you and fill it up in a very decorative way with color-coordinated dry snacks and beans.

The wall mounted version or the counter top dispenser ooze with style and detailing. For instance the dispensing knob looks cute and works like a tap, dispensing 1 ounce of food with each turn. The measuring cup at the bottom also measures out contents with accuracy.

Designer: Zevro [ Buy Wall Mounted or Counter Top ]

Wall Mount


SmartSpace Dry Food Dispenser by Zervo


Counter Top