Tumble Dry In Vacuum

DryMate is a clothes dryer that uses a new vacuum technology to dry clothes at lower temperature. As a result lesser energy is consumed, and heat-related damage to the clothes is avoided. The dryer scores another brownie point for being easily accessible from a standing position. To aid its stand further, a 9 degree tilt and a wide-mouth drum has been incorporated to the design. The rounded exterior gives a refreshing new form to the redundant cuboids that we see at homes.

Technology as explained by Nico:

From a technical view every enclosed space with an air pressure lower than in our environment is already a vacuum. In every vacuum there are special physical conditions as a result of the lower amount of material. DryMate uses one of those special conditions. In a drum with lower air pressure (vacuum) water already evaporates at much lower temperatures than 100°C. The lower the air pressure the lower the temperature that is necessary to evaporate water. It is much more energy-saving to create a minor under pressure than heating your wet laundry to 100°C. Therefore DryMate can achieve much better energy efficiency than conventional tumble dryers.

Supervising Professor: Prof. Hatto Grosse, Köln International School of Design

Designer: Nico Kläber