StudyBook kid-friendly laptop comes with a built-in drawing slate and stylus

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop with Built-in Pad and Stylus

There are plenty of kid-friendly laptops available on the market, but they arrive with many limits and restrictions. They don’t come complete but that’s expected since children’s use of gadgets should always be controlled. The StudyBook has been designed to be a child-friendly laptop with added features that kids and parents will find helpful. It comes with a built-in pad and stylus, so you can do more with the device.

This StudyBook can be your kid’s very first laptop. It’s not just for watching videos as it can help them learn new lessons and activities even if the learning environment is remote. The pandemic has changed the horizon of education, so parents, teachers, and children need all the help they can get.

Designer: Compal

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop Tablet Stylus

Everyone needs the proper tools to make learning effective. Even kids need suitable devices and an environment conducive to learning. The StudyBook offers numerous conveniences for the children and the adults as the notebook assists them in learning in clas and be free in getting creative.

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop Notebook

The StudyBook features a large laptop display perfect for learning. There is a detachable keyboard that reveals a CLCD drawing pad underneath. The large pad works with a stylus so children can draw or write on the surface. The slate doesn’t need any charging, so your kid can use it every time without worrying it will lose power.

This particular laptop has a unique fold-out mirror and camera solution. This allows kids to show off whatever is on the CLCD and share it on screen for others to see. Perhaps it can be their homework for their teachers to see or a new drawing to showcase to grandparents. You can also use it to cover the camera if you prefer, so kids are safe. The clever design makes it an ideal gadget for school because it is convenient to use.

StudyBook Child-friendly Laptop

Since kids may not really know how to care for stuff, the StudyBook’s colorful rubber around the edge will keep the device safe and protected against bumps, scrapes, and drops. This product is undoubtedly making heads turn with its design, features, and functions. It has reached the iF Design Award 2022 and can be found under the Computer category.

StudyBook Laptop

This multi-function laptop from Compal is ready to make the parents’ and guardians’ lives more manageable because of its additional features and advantages. It’s a concept product for now, but we see the potential of this thing. There are no specs, but we can see the standard ports like a 3.5mm audio port, microSD card reader, USB Type-C, USB Type-A, and HDMI. There is a power button on the side that seems accessible and easy to press.