The SQUARE Organizer System can adapt to different environments

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Organizing a desk seems to be an easy task, but we know it is not always true for some people. There are those that find it challenging to keep the clutter off their table, so a desk organizer is a suggested solution.

We have seen several desk trays and organizers, but we know more will be designed and introduced. The last one that made an impression was the Lands Collection of Wooden Trays. Today, we’re featuring this Square Organizer System available in different fun colors.

Designer: Lo Kwun Hon (One Object Design Studio)

SQUARE Organizer One Object

SQUARE Organizer Design

Work or study desks must be organized, but we know organizing doesn’t come naturally to many people. The SQUARE Organizer is a new solution designed by product designer Lo Kwun Hon. The Square comes with a straightforward design— multiple slots on one side and a recessed tray on the other.

The Square universal organizer is made of resin material. It’s called Square because of the simple shape, which can be combined with another piece to make a bigger or longer version. You can put two Square trays side by side to hold your pens, scissors, and other knick-knacks.


A Square tray can adapt quickly to any environment. You are free to use it to hold small items on your desk, such as earbuds, keys, paper clips, business cards, or pens. You can use several Square trays at once and arrange them with your own layout. The tray is versatile so you won’t run out of things to do with it as long as you need organizing or decluttering on your desk.

SQUARE Organizer Concept

The Square Organizer can also be considered modular as you can use more than one piece to create a more extensive tray system. This particular concept reminds us of the Lands Wooden Tray, as they have a similar design. The FLIP Calculator from before also had a similar concept. The Square has a series of ridges that can be used to hold different objects, making it effective.

SQUARE Organizer One Object Details

The concept tray design is honest and innovative. You may say it’s just an organizing tray for your work table, but it can inspire you to work. Declutter and organize what you see on your table, and maybe you can finally finish that project or task you’ve been working on since forever. Those trinkets and tools on your desk definitely need a place so perhaps the Square tray system can finally be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

SQUARE Organizer Packaging

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SQUARE Organizer One Object Concept