Be a healthy sitter… serious!

Did you know that sitting is an epidemic??? Yes, honey…sitting! It sounds silly, but it’s true that it contributes to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and decreased lifespan. The Ooloo footrest aims to curb the detrimental effects of this modern necessity by bringing a little motion into the picture. Just put your feet up and rock away to keep sitting from hitting you when you’re down!

Designer: OolooBoard


  • TimberMJG says:

    Very ingenious design, simple yet functional and a great use of the skateboard inspired footrest. I wonder if the rocking supports could also be manufactured from wood.

  • Erik Johnson says:

    TimberMJG, thanks for your comment.

    The original prototype rockers used a combination of wood and a metal support bracket. Functionally, they worked great. But the design presented issues from a manufacturing perspective–it required many steps, and the wood rockers themselves were very time-consuming to produce (CNC router). Plus, the rockers must match the screw holes exactly for a good fit. In the prototypes we found that small variations in the wood thickness, combined with swelling or shrinking due to humidity, caused the holes to often be offset slightly. From a quality and structural perspective, we found this unacceptable. That’s why we chose the all-metal rocker.

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