A Perfect Circle

Just like the name suggests, the Easy-to-View Compass makes reading the radius of circles or arcs in technical drawings a cinch. Numerical values are instantly calculated and displayed on its bright LCD screen. It’s not only more accurate, but decreases fatigue by eliminating the needs to constantly readjust and monitor the setting.

Designers: Cheol Woong Seo & Jae Hee Park


  • beavid says:

    Missed opportunity to also display the angle.

  • This is a fantastic idea and I wish I had one when I still did manual technical drawing at school, but with CAD widely available and easier to use than ever before, this product came to the party when all the booze was finished and all the girls already went home.

  • Yes! Now there’s something worth adding. Time to do a patent search…

  • lion says:

    it does works the tale will change when you make a line the precison will be nul if the lenght since the up and the bottom don’t stay the same

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