This convertible full-body jacket was designed to give you 100% protection from the outdoor elements

Cleverly named the IWOM (pronounced I-Warm), this jacket was designed to be able to shapeshift based on your needs. On a regular windy day, the IWOM serves as a jacket, if it begins drizzling, you can simply extend its base down to your knees like a parka, and when the weather gets out of hand, the IWOM extends all the way down as a full-body jacket.

The IWOM, as its name suggests, forms a barrier between the outside weather and your body. Whether it’s windy, or its raining, the full-body jacket keeps the wind and water out, while trapping internal body heat to keep you nice, dry, and toasty. Its proprietary design folds down to the size of a fanny pack when you don’t need it, and opens up into an all-purpose jacket just when you’re looking for shelter from the elements. When it’s jacket weather, the IWOM works just like a great jacket, but just as the weather begins changing for the worse, a simple elastic band helps release the IWOM’s base, which extends all the way down to your feet, protecting you from wind, water, and probably even gentle snow!

The jacket comes made with a waterproof, windproof outer shell, and is lined on the inside with a soft microfleece to keep you warm. The full-body jacket features waterproof zips to keep moisture out, an elastic hoodie to cover your head, and handwarmer pockets to let you stay cozy. Three pockets built into the exterior of the IWOM also let you store your keys, wallet, and your phone while you’re outdoors. The IWOM comes in multiple colors as well as sizes for adults as well as for kids. When completely folded down, it’s small enough to fit in a fanny pack around your waist, or just sit in the glove box of your car to be used when you need it. However, if you’re the kind who’s looking for something more suited for indoor use, there’s even an all-fleece IWOM that allows you to cover yourself from head to toe in a fleece blanket/jacket like a cozy human burrito!

Designer: IWOM Outerwear

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $249 ($120 off). Hurry, only 7/80 left!

IWOM Convertible All-Purpose Jacket 2.0

The IWOM converts from a self-contained fanny pack, to jacket, to full body protection, from the elements quickly and comfortably.

Perfect for Sporting Events, Camping, Boating & More

With its coverage and flexibility, the IWOM is your solution to the challenges made by the ever-changing weather.

Features & Benefits

Adaptable: If it’s warm out, toss it in the back of your car and be ready for the changing weather. If it’s jacket weather, pull up the bottom elastic band and put it in regular jacket mode (it holds the bottom portion up and hidden until you need it). When it’s windy or raining, deploy the bottom portion by loosening the elastic waistband down to your ankles.

Rolling it up is too easy.

Waterproof & Windproof: All of the zippers and seams on the IWOM Convertible All-Purpose Jacket 2.0 are fully sealed making the jacket waterproof and windproof. The breathable fabric keeps you dry and comfortable.

Warm & Comfortable: Forget about sitting in cold, wet, and damp conditions. Eliminate the effects of the weather with the full-length mode of the IWOM Convertible All-purpose Jacket 2.0.

The Perfect amount of Stretch and Hold: Perfect amount of stretch for walking and the perfect amount of hold for when the bottom leg coverage is held up and hidden when you don’t need it.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $249 ($120 off). Hurry, only 7/80 left!