Double the screens, double the productivity

A notable difference between the DUO secondary monitor for your laptop and any other secondary monitor is the design-thinking behind the product in question. A laptop is portable, but a secondary screen, more often than not, isn’t. Not only is DUO designed to be as slim, lightweight, and portable as your laptop, it’s designed to make you feel like it’s a part of your laptop, and not some auxiliary device.

The DUO cleverly snaps to the back of your laptop screen, permanently. It doesn’t need to be stored separately, or plugged in and out every time you use the laptop. It sits there and stays there, being useful when needed, and hiding from view when unrequired… and most importantly, it’s permanently on the back of your laptop, so it gets packed along with your laptop too.

The need for the DUO stems from the same reason laptop sales have increased and desktop sales have decreased. People work on the move, often checking mails and finishing tasks in coffee shops, at home, at coworking spaces, on flights, in trains and buses, etc. Having a second screen on the go facilitates multi-tasking, helping you get more done in less time, and the DUO capitalizes on that need to be more productive.

The DUO adheres to the back of your laptop using magnetic mounts. Snap it either way and the DUO can slide out of the left or the right, even swiveling to face you at an angle. Built with a presentation mode, the DUO can even swivel backwards and have the screen facing in the opposite direction, for a client or a colleague to see what you’re sharing. It connects to your machine using a USB cable and is compatible across all platforms. Use the DUO to extend your desktop so you can multitask, or mirror it for someone else to see, its minimal latency and 1080p display resolution will make it feel like a natural extension of your laptop!

Designer: Mobile Pixels

Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $199






Click Here to Buy Now: $249 $199