WHOOSHI Portable Amplifier turns any wired audio device into wireless

Whooshi Portable Amplifier

Innovation starts when a problem arises, or sometimes, it begins when people want improvement. In this day and age, there are plenty of things in the world that can be enhanced, especially regarding technology.

Audio devices abound, so it may be difficult to shop for them. But, if you need a portable one, here is the Whooshi amplifier. It’s a device that allows you to transform existing wired headphones into a wireless version that gives off premium audio quality, whether from a phone, laptop, or tablet.

Designer: Ivan Shmatko

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The small size of the Whooshi makes it easy to carry and use. With this product, you can easily control your music, volume, and change track. You can do almost any physical activity with the Whooshi attached to your clothes. Feel free to train, cycle, or run with the Whooshi, and don’t worry about it falling off.

The Red Dot Award 2019 winner continues to make an impression. This product represented Ukraine in the event held in Las Vegas a few years ago. You can now purchase one in different markets in Europe and Ukraine.

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Whooshi allows you to experience personalized audio. The Bluetooth Headphones Amplifier for audiophiles also comes with a Whooshi music player app where you can quickly create a personal audio profile. You first need to pass the hearing test so it can start doing things for you. It comes with some algorithms that are sophisticated and ready to function to offer an improved listening experience with Qualcomm aptX HD audio technology and DAC by Cirrus Logic.

Making this potential bestseller is the idea that it can convert your old non-Bluetooth devices or headphones to a wireless system. You can use it to improve the audio coming from your laptop. Its 300mAh battery is enough to make it last over eight hours.

Whooshi Features

The project started on Kickstarter and was fully funded, exceeding 296% of the goal. It received the Red Dot Product Design award in 2019. Its appearance at CES 2019 allowed the public and potential buyers to learn more about the portable amplifier.

The Whooshi is a small accessory you can clip anywhere. It comes with three buttons that can be used to adjust the volume, move to the next or previous track, play/pause, and turn on/off. There is a USB type C slot and an LED indicator on one end. On the other end is a 3.5mm jack slot and MEMS microphone.

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The WHOOSHI turns your favorite headphones wireless. It connects via Bluetooth up to 10m of connection range. It also comes with a wireless charger for easy and quick charging. It can upgrade sound quality as made possible by Qualcomm aptX HD and aptX Low Latency audio technology and the 384 kHz/32-bit Cirrus Logic digital-to-analog converter.

It works with both Android and iOS vis the WHOOSHI player app. Feel free to create different profiles for you and your family. You can also enjoy the built-in music effects, so you don’t have to make the adjustments yourself.

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