This Hyundai electric superbike concept is a Greek god teleported into the future

A badass Hyundai electric bike carrying the athletic posture of a Greek god -who would have ever imagined that? Well, that’s what the freedom of concept design brings to the table!

Hyundai takes pride in its world-renowned automotive technology, and their foray into electric cars is looking seamless so far. EVs are going to be the future, that’s not a hidden fact, and the South Korean giant could experiment with an electric bike of the future. In the concept world realm, of course, or maybe in the real world too. Designer Ji woong Cha believes an electric bike could be feasible coming from the house of Hyundai. A two-wheeler that draws core design inspiration from the popular IONIQ range. The shape of the letter “Q” makes up the basic structural shape of the concept bike.

Designer: Ji woong Cha

Carrying a very long wheelbase, and a definitive café racer persona, Cha imagines a Hyundai superbike to be clad in eye-popping features. The beastly character on the outside contrasted with the eco-friendly aesthetics inside the guts of this muscular ride. That futuristic DNA is mashed up with the retro look of classic motorcycles just in the right ratio. Make no mistakes about its ability to whizz past bystanders with a powerful electric motor under the belly. Bang in the middle is the gaping hole which signifies the emptiness of the letter “Q” – in a way lending it a shredded athletic form reminiscent of the Greek god Hermes.

The front of IONIQ ‘Q’ has a reinforced suspension giving the bike a robust look and the ability to take rough roads without the rider ever noticing the bumps. The same goes for the swingarm suspension on the rear which makes me believe this electric motorcycle is built for peak performance on any turf. Headlights on the front have a disk-like array of LEDs which further adds to the cool look of the IONIQ ‘Q’ bike!