This ultimate pull-out kitchen adds stoves, grills, prep area, and storage to your VW camper van

Camper vans have come of age with the likes of Volkswagen giving outdoorsy options with its VW California and the Multivan. While these are in themselves capable base camps – offering everything for a self-sufficient stay in the great outdoors – they have scope for more stowable space and a full-functional kitchen.

This is where something like the Calicamp storage drawer with outdoor kitchen, that fits into trunk space under the bed of the VW California and Multivan (other vehicles can be equipped on special request) and pulls outs for functionality comes in as an undeniable addon.

Designer: Calicamp

The pull-out kit adds deep storage space for your gear or wings out on one side to provide a cooking platform with an installable grill, stove, and more; turning the camper van with no or small kitchen into a van with a gourmet-style fold-out kitchen.

Created by a Belgian company called Calicamp, this add-on kitchen cum storage unit can set up in minutes to turn a halt overlooking a picturesque landscape into a destination for a sumptuous meal. The metal-and-wood box is either an organized space to keep your gear, or if choice be, it comes preloaded with a charcoal grill, stove, trash bin, and cutting board to present an expandable kitchen.

Interestingly, Calicamp keeps this add-on a choice-based option. You get to choose from an assortment of gas burners, storage containers, grills, sink, and cutting boards. The company allows clients to dress up their Calicamp according to how and what they want it for.

So, either you can choose a smartly compartmentalized drawer that pulls out from the trunk of your camper van and provides instant access to all your travel gear, or pick the fold-out kitchen option with endless possible configurations. The pull-out can be customized with the required work areas, gas burners, containers, BBQ grills, and more to prepare the day’s menu. Where do you want to go and cook today?