This minimal and modular cat tree perfectly meets the needs of your pet, your home and you!

I own two fluffy and cozy Persian cats, and honestly, they’re the masters of my home. I’m their personal slave and butler, granter of their wishes, and 24/7 on-duty caretaker! But I love every bit of it and wouldn’t exchange my little furballs for anything in the world. And, hence I’m always on a quest to pamper them with little tidbits and gain their approval. Cats are intelligent and sensible creatures, hence ordinary little toys don’t do much for them, they need a higher level of stimulation and entertainment. Cat trees are a very commonplace and sought-after option, your cats can lounge about, play in, scamper around and channel their energy productively in these tree-like mazes. However, cat trees can occupy a substantial amount of space in your home, often clashing with your well-planned interiors and looking like an extreme eyesore! The Bien Bien Cat Tree deals with both of these problems smoothly, owing to its elegant form and visually pleasing aesthetics.

Winner of the Golden Pin Design Award, the Bien Bien Cat Tree by Cheng-Liang Wu and Chia-Wen Lin is a cat tree that also masterfully doubles up as a piece of furniture. It’s a beautiful product that caters to the needs of both your cat (s) and you, functioning as a space that can be utilized and shared by humans and felines alike. You can build the modular cat tree all by yourself, its modularity allows it to be assembled in various ways, according to personal requirements, space restrictions, and of course, the moods of your cat. There are several shelving options for you to store your precious belongings in, as well as little nooks and crannies for your pet to sleep and play around in. Multiple accessories can be attached as means of recreation for your cat, and my favorite one, hands down, is the tiny hammock! Imagine that, a snug hammock for your furry friend to lay in as if on vacation. Your cat can easily climb from one level to another, and the grid-like section also provides them with a sense of privacy. It creates a safe space where they can enjoy their own company without feeling completely isolated from their surroundings. The lower level is also a nifty and accessible spot to place their food and water bowls in!

The Bien Bien Cat Tree’s clean and straightforward structure, elegant usage of wood, and minimal aesthetics allow it to integrate and merge with the interiors of your home perfectly. It stands as a wholesome piece of furniture that harmoniously becomes a part of your home, a design that not only you can enjoy, but so can your cat!

Designer: Cheng-Liang Wu and Chia-Wen Lin of 2pi.Creative Design Co.