LESHAN smart rice cooker concept also tries to keep watch over your blood pressure

For some cultures, rice is more than just a side dish, and this beautiful rice cooker idea makes it possible to cook this staple food wherever you go, for better health, of course.

Like with many things in life, it took a disaster of epic proportions to give people a rude awakening when it comes to their health. The COVID-19 pandemic has made some more acutely aware of their bodies’ state, as well as the things they do to keep it healthy, from exercise to food. While heart rates and blood oxygen levels take the highest priorities these days, abnormal blood pressure that leads to hypertension has always been a problem that sneaks up on people unawares. There are a few ways to lead a healthy lifestyle to keep blood pressure levels normal, and eating rice in proper amounts is what this smart rice cooker concept is trying to promote.

Designer: Fu Lèlè (付 楽楽)

It almost sounds counterintuitive that rice, especially white rice, would be recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure, considering how the many diets and health coaches push people away from carbohydrates and whole grains. There are, however, some studies on the positive effects of such food on blood pressure. Plus, rice is pretty much a necessity for some people and cultures.

This smart rice cooker concept tries to take the middle road by encouraging the consumption of rice in the proper amounts. This regulation mostly happens through a mobile app, which is able to not only check particular stats but also control the operation of the rice cooker itself. That feature definitely doesn’t sound that special in light of the number of smart cookware today, but it’s the design of LESHAN that really captures the eyes and the imagination.

The rice cooker embraces a minimalist design that eschews smooth curves for faceted surfaces that give the canister a more interesting look. As with most rice cookers, there’s a single physical control to activate its primary function, though there are a few light indicators for the different ways you can use the device, from cooking rice to even making tea. The designer chose colors that make no qualms about its purpose and inspiration, from traditional white grains to yellowish sorghum.

LESHAN deviates from typical rice cooker designs by adopting a tall, cylindrical form that immediately limits how much rice you can cook in it. Although it does have a plug underneath, it seems that the device was designed for easy portability, giving people fewer excuses not to enjoy a healthy rice meal no matter where they are.