Boarding Safely at Night

I really appreciate that I live in a city where people would rather ride their bike, roller-blade, or skateboard than drive a car… but I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve seen people almost get run over! Especially at night. Sure bikes have lights and reflectors but what about skateboards and longboards? Introducing the HAL longboard light…

HAL attaches to the underside of the skateboard or longboard between the truck and deck to signal the rider’s presence.

Designer: Marc Graells


  • Ethan says:

    How are you going to see a light that close to the ground? Would make more sense to have a glowing helmet or vest or something.

  • Finn says:

    ^ This, and also that light’s going to get wrecked to bits if the person wants to do tricks, and grinding just becomes impossible. If you could fit a light into the edge at the front it’d be less in the way, but even then, ultimately, people skating at night probably don’t want to be seen.

  • Jimmy C says:

    It would be a better idea for the light to be on top of the board, maybe with an elastic strap.

  • Oleg says:

    I personally think this is a great invention, because this is on a longboard, not skateboard, i dont do tricks on my longboard, i just simply ride it around town

  • Boarder says:

    When I longboard around town with my friends I end up coming back home when its starts getting dark and my street has no street lights around, I end up using my phone to light a path in front.
    in this sense its a great idea,to see in front of you when boarding to get around

    but if you want to be seen or do tricks then you’ll want the light higher up

    Also would the light have different color option, i feel like red would be too dim at times.

  • Ted says:

    I would make two different attachment pieces that differ from skateboard to longboard.This way the light doesn’t conflict with skateboard tricks.

    Also some longboard trucks are located at the very tip of the board and having the light extend past the coverage of the board would make the light easily breakable. Keep experimenting with real models before rendering.

  • Piotr says:

    It would be better idea to attach the thin light into the edge of the skateboard or longboard. I mean, light in the same height as deck which will abut to the deck. It will look better and won’t disturb design or construction of the vehicle. In addition, it will be possible to do tricks which cannot be done when kind of light mentioned in this post is attached.
    I hope my imperfect English is understandable :).

  • avedis says:

    no tricks for these design lol

  • Dannt says:

    how can I do manual and ollie with it??do you skate?

  • rob says:

    this is more designed for longboards and for people that dont do tricks, its not fucking rocket science, if your skating at night and i mean skating (tricks actually doing things) your not gunna want to have lights, where as if your like me and actually use your longboard to commute from A to B then you will want lights, if your going through dark areas and the ground is uneven you need light but i think this is a great idea, im designing something similar for my engineering project at college and im making the mounting bracket for two ultrafire torches and a standard bike light (for the rear!)

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