Moroso New York Store In All White

Moroso New York will be the first city exhibiting the final version of Tokujin’s Panna chair. The Moroso store at 146 Greene Street in New York is transformed into an ethereal, all-white environment. Tokujin Yoshioka has built an art installation which will show the development of his Panna Chair.

In New York, Tokujin creates a place of quiet refuge through a sculptural, all-white, cloud-like environment. The exhibition shows the development of Tokujin’s Panna Chair which was conceived by using existing materials in new ways. The Panna Chair, which means cream in Italian, is the evolution of the Pane, or bread, chair, initially shown in 2006 at the Museo della Permanente in Milan. It will be shown at the store in a selection of Maharam fabrics. Maharam will also be featuring a selection of black and white textiles to fit in with the Tokujin theme.

Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka [ Manufacturer: Moroso ]


  • Jeff says:

    This is at the Moss store, no? It is a Moroso room within that establishment,

    • Edmond says:

      Yes it is connected to MOSS . If you look at the images above(image with black chair) you can see an opening that says Moroso . That is the entrance to the MOSS side. It is an interesting set up. The walls are covered with what seems like Kleenex/ tissue .If you want to buy the baked version of the Panna chair it will cost you 59,000.00 ..In the foreground of the 2nd pic from top. That number cam from the store manager.

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