Turning AI Speaker knows your genre and musical preference

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You may probably say it’s just another speaker, but the Turning AI Speaker is something that will make things easier for you. Because of the AI feature, it can collect the kind of music you listen to. It will classify all those songs you listen to on different music or video apps on your smartphone.

The Turning-AI Speaker will check the genre you frequently listen to on different media-streaming apps and then play them for you. No need to choose a specific app because the speaker will locate the songs and play them for you. All you need to do is press a button to start a playlist. The Push-button will play the following playlist, and once done, it will automatically move to the next.

Designer: Soomin Son


Turning knows your taste in music, and that’s the beauty of AI. So don’t get freaked out if the speaker knows what to play next and how to please you. It’s the AI’s job to identify and remember your preference.

The speaker concept comes with a Companion App that does the job for you. The mobile app collects the song and classifies the music data from your other apps. It can set different moods, but you can set your routine for different times of day or activities—Morning, Study Time, Workout, or Night.

Turning AI Speaker Concept

The Turning AI Speaker looks like a rounded cylinder covered by fabric. There is a large Push-button on top of the speaker. You push it to turn on the device and change the song or playlist.

TURNING AI Speaker Design

There is a recessed portion underneath the speaker where a USB-C port for charging is located. The Turning AI Speaker is portable and compact, so you can bring it everywhere. This could also be waterproof, something you’d probably bring inside the bathroom while showering or by the swimming pool or beach.


Korean Soomin Son designed this Turning AI Speaker. She is a 3D artist and industrial designer from South Korea that has shown her versatility in her designs. Of course, we remember her Moon Projector concept that turns books into learning experiences through augmented reality. There’s also the Voyager which is a mixed-reality headset that can be a virtual tour guide when you’re in foreign cities.

We can see Soomin Son’s style to integrate modern technology and software in her designs. She has used augmented and mixed reality (augmented and virtual), and now, she’s taking advantage of artificial intelligence. This AI Turning Speaker is already “smart” but it can be smarter with a virtual assistant like maybe Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa.

Concept Turning AI Speaker