LAMPE looks like a hollow candle to give you a softer, more comforting glow

There are two different kinds of lamps in our homes. One type is to provide adequate lighting to actually do things, while another kind is meant to set the mood, often with a more relaxing atmosphere. The latter often employ different kinds of colors or intensities to contrast with the blaring brightness of typical fluorescent or LED bulbs. This lamp concept, however, tries for something a bit novel by using both an unusual shape and a slightly different material to create a more pleasant lighting effect to soothe your eyes and your mind.

Designer: Somya Chowdhary

Mood lamps and night lamps both try to calm your senses by flooding an area with a gentler glow. This is often done through filters or different hues, trying to exploit the psychology of colors to have that kind of effect. What most of them all have in common is that lamps themselves can be painful to look at directly because they still emit strong direct light, no matter the end result.

LAMPE tries to minimize the intensity of direct light by using a form that more effectively diffuses light right from the source. Instead of a simple shape like a cylinder, sphere, or even a block, the concept uses a hollow tube with a wide gap in the front. This creates an image of a candle that has melted off to one side and hollowed out its contents.

Just like the gentle light of a candle, this kind of structure is designed to better diffuse light that’s coming from the bottom of the lamp. That light source is also arranged in such a way that there is no single point where the light comes from and instead distributes it around the base. This makes the light easier on the eyes even when you’re looking at it directly.

LAMPE is also minimalist in how it can create different color effects simply by using different materials for its body. Just like how a candle’s light and color smoothly diffuse the further you go away from the light, LAMPE creates a more pleasing and comfortable aesthetic that is just as soothing as the natural light source that inspired it. It’s almost the perfect lighting decoration for a nightstand or shelf, but it can also go well on top of your workspace for those times when you want to just turn off all other lights and bathe in the lamp’s soothing glow.