Custom Color Thread

I hate sewing but if you are the sorts who likes to mend their own clothes then the Line Printer is meant for you. This small device allows the color of sewing-machine thread to be customized to the color of the cloth being worked upon. You may not have the exact color and re-threading the machine is always a hassle; with the Line Printer you get to ‘print’ thread with color on demand.

A small built-in camera is used to photograph the fabric, and then color-picking software determines the ideal shade for the thread. Small CMKY ink cartridges are contained within Line Printer, and system is calibrated to print on white thread. Line Printer sits on the top of the sewing machine and the thread is fed through it directly off the spool.

Line Printer is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Chen Shuo, Wang Zihao, Liang Qing, Feng Lu & Teng Xuan