MIKU Kids Phone Concept strips the phone down to basic functions

MIKU Kids Phone

Keep kids away from gadgets as much as possible. That is what many people are saying, but as a parent, I can say some devices are very much helpful. Of course, gadget time must be controlled and parents should ensure the privacy and security of their children. There are plenty of ways to keep kids safe like choosing apps that protect and using smart gadgets–all while keeping them entertained.

There is now a trend to reduce features and functions to just the basics. This is so people won’t be distracted or make things easy for them. The Miku Kids Phone is an ideal solution for families who always want to be connected, giving the parents peace of mind.

Design: Anna Petritsch

MIKU Kids Phone Concept Details

MIKU Kids Phone Product Concept

The phone for kids introduces young children to digital communication. It doesn’t have a screen but can keep the kids reachable whenever they are not with you. It comes with AI (artificial intelligence) so the phone can grow with the children. It allows new voice-based features to be unlocked as the kids grow.

MIKU Kids Phone Where to Buy

The Miku is programmable so the whole family can enjoy connecting. You can probably liken it to a walkie-talkie for the kids, but it is smarter with AI this time. The kids phone is available in different colors and looks like a bowling pin with animal ears. It can be a bear (red), elephant (blue), dog (green), or a cat (yellow). On one ear is a handle that looks like a carabiner so you can hang the phone anywhere. The eyes serve as the ear speakers, and the smiling mouth could be the mic.

MIKU Kids Phone Concept Features

MIKU Kids Phone Features

MIKU Kids Phone for the Children

There are three buttons on the body: a circle, a triangle, and a square. You can set the buttons to quickly call whoever in the family—Mommy, Daddy, or Grandparents. We see a USB port and a toggle switch underneath the Miku Kids Phone. The size of the kiddie phone is just right to fit a child’s hand.

MIKU Kids Phone Details

We have seen similar kids’ phones before, like the Novus 3-in-1 Modular Phone and the Relay Smartphone. We’re fans of gadgets for children having little kids of our own. As a parent, I prefer devices and tools that are simple to use and navigate. Less screen time is challenging to achieve, but parents should be more conscious about their kids’ habits. This Miku Phone will be helpful as it only offers the basics.

Concept MIKU Kids Phone

MIKU Kids Phone Design

MIKU Kids Phone Concept Design

Concept MIKU Kids Phone Design

MIKU Kids Phone Concept