This personal mobility device can be driven remotely from users’ smartphones

GoSolo is a universal, smart, personal mobility device designed for people to move seamlessly through indoor spaces and controlled outdoor environments.

There’s nothing worse than running late for a flight and having to sprint through the airport with at least two bags in each hand and one hanging from your shoulders. Before you even make it to your terminal, you’re out of breath and your arms are losing circulation. The trek intensifies for those who might require some mobility assistance, like wheelchairs or scooters.

Designers: Alabaster Research and Technologies Private Limited x Prem Shah, Kirti Khadia, Kishan Amin, Chintan Shinde


While motorized assistive devices are typically reserved for those with limited mobility, one company believes there’s a larger market for them. GoSolo, a personal mobility device, designed by Alabaster Research and Technologies Private Limited is a smart, universal mobility solution designed for people to move through indoor spaces and controlled outdoor environments with ease.

Expandable by design, GoSolo’s defining feature is its seat that can rise to a height of 71-centimeters. In this mode, users can still drive GoSolo from an elevated height. The semi-standing position was built for users to have access to a sit-to-stand assistive mechanism that, “gives them access to higher desks, counters or shelves on the premises. For people with mobility constraints, the adjustable-height feature…[allows] easy and intuitive sideways transfer to and from the scooter.”

Located just in front of the adjustable seat rest, users will find a footrest that hosts ample room for storing items that users bring with them on the go. The device’s wheels and footrest coverings are both made from the same Elesa+Ganter vulcanized rubber castors to ensure a smooth ride, even on uneven surfaces. Operable from a smartphone or from the device’s intuitive control panel, GoSolo meets users where they are to provide seamless transportation in controlled environments.

Putting it best in their own words, the team behind GoSolo explains the inspiration behind the smart universal mobility concept, “We have to rethink how we design products for a larger range of people including those with limited mobility or strength.”

“Beyond the usual mobility constraints, there are also circumstantial constraints like having too many bags, carrying infants, recovering from surgeries, pregnancy, menstrual cramps, or even fatigue. At some point in time, any of us can have mobility constraints. GoSolo addresses this need.”

GoSolo can glide across all types of flooring, from smooth marble to uneven wood.

The expandable seat rest allows users to adjust their height to meet acquaintances and tall surfaces like check-in desks at hotels.

The team behind GoSolo gave the device a minimalist look to maintain a universal appeal.

Users can even feel free to traverse incline ramps using GoSolo.