Novus modular smartphone for kids, is the world’s first!

We have been through the rage where smartwatches kept track of the kids via the inbuilt GPS system, and then connected with parents via an app. Building on the theory that ‘parents should know where their kids are’ and marrying it with the expectations of gizmo-savvy kids, we have here the Novus. It is the World’s First 3-in-1 Modular Phone for children, and it keeps them super busy and entertained.

This transformational device, works as a smartphone and a smartwatch, and even morphs into an AI speaker. Designed by Abardeen, who have been in the ‘smartphones for kids’ zone for more than a decade, the 3-in-1wearable offers reliable communication, location services and features to kids entertained.

The Novus wearable combines phone, smartwatch and home assistant functions into one device. It allows kids to safely use the internet and stay connected with parents. In the smartwatch mode, it fits perfectly on the wrist and in the smartphone mode, it makes for the perfect mini phone with a touch wheel controller.

Novus is also a multimedia player powered by Google Assistant and can be used with simple voice commands.

Designer: Abardeen

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About Novus

The perfect 3-in-1 modular gadget for kids that can be used as a phone, a watch or a home assistant. It is the perfect solution to keep kids entertained and parents connected with their kids and enjoy peace of mind.

Novus Phone

Novus Phone is ergonomically designed to fit small hands, easy and fun for kids to use. The battery can last three days with one full charge which is three times longer than Novus Watch. It is also suitable for children, who may need more privacy and don’t want others to hear their calls, to talk through the phone.

Novus Watch

In the watch mode Novus becomes a sleek, useful smartwatch for daily wear that stays put and won’t get lost or left behind when kids are playing in park, going to school or on-the-go. The battery can last for one day with one full charge.

Novus Home

The home module has a built-in 4400 mAh battery and Bluetooth speaker. When Novus Phone or Novus Watch are plugged into the home module, they will immediately get charged and turn into an AI speaker. Equipped with Google Assistant, Novus can play music and multimedia by voice command.

Stay Connected Anytime & Anywhere

Parents can make a video call, phone call or send voice/text message to Novus via the Novus App, keeping in touch with their children at all times. Children can use Novus to connect with their friends, or reach their parents in times of need or to just say hello.

Always Know Your Child’s Location

Multiple positioning methods including GPS, A-GPS, LBS, Wi-Fi, and more, allows parents to track their kid’s location activities at any distance via the Novus app. Precise, secure, and always connected, the Novus App gives parents peace of mind, knowing exactly where their little ones are at.

SOS Mode

Safety first! In an emergency, kids can trigger the SOS mode by pressing the power button 3 times continuously. It’s like having help along at all times.

Parental Control Functions

In addition to its on-board safety features, the Novus app allows parents to manage their kids’ device in a number of useful ways, including contact filter, disable period, home-school reminder and more. It provides a good solution to know your child is safe and prevent them from overdoing with screen time. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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